Hungrybox wins Battle of a Five Gods

March 21, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

After 3 exhausting days of foe in Austin, Texas, Juan “Liquid Hungrybox” Debiedma came out winning in a Battle of a Five Gods during SxSW, as he warranted a pretension and $13,000 over 19 of a strongest Super Smash Bros. Melee competitors in a world.

This win outlines a initial time ever that Hungrybox won an eventuality featuring all of a “five gods” of Melee, and it extends a strain of plain performances that includes victories during PAX Arena and DreamHack Winter within a past 4 months.

“I done my statement. we am Hungrybox. we am here to win,” pronounced Hungrybox, emphatically, after winning a Battle of a Five Gods.

In his trail to a final bracket, Hungrybox swept his pool in organisation play, defeating Joey “Lucky” Aldama, DaJuan “WFX Shroomed” McDaniel and Robert “PG Wobbles” Wright, while dropping usually one diversion in a process. His 9-1 diversion count warranted him a No. 1 altogether seed, and his collect of competition in a Winner’s quarters.

In a bracket, Hungrybox done a gamble, picking Otto “GC|Silent Wolf” — a Fox categorical — instead of PG Wobbles, an Ice Climbers actor — though he won quickly in a 3-1 set. Hungrybox’s collect resulted in an easier Winner’s Semifinals compare as Weston “Tempo|Westballz” Dennis dissapoint Joseph “C9.Mango” Marquez in a Winner’s Quarters. In a Winner’s Semifinals, Hungrybox stopped Westballz’ prohibited streak, defeating him 3-1 to close adult a mark in a Winner’s Finals.

On a other side of a bracket, Adam “Armada” Lindgren predictably modernized to a Winner’s Finals, defeating PG Wobbles and Justin “PG Plup” McGrath along a way. In Winner’s Finals, Hungrybox repelled a fabricated throng as he swept Armada 3-0, enacting a certain magnitude of punish for Genesis 3 to make it into a Grand Finals.

Not to be denied, C9.Mango ran by a loser’s bracket, defeating GC|Silent Wolf, PG Plup, PG Wobbles, and Armada (getting some Genesis 3 atonement of his possess in a process) to accommodate Hungrybox in Grand Finals. Riding a large call of momentum, C9.Mango swept Hungrybox in a initial set of Grand Finals 3-0 to reset a bracket.

After losing set 1, Hungrybox removed a thoughts using by his head. “I indispensable to remember my fundamentals that we went by with my coach, Luis (Captain Crunch), and we had to win diversion 1 to benefit movement over a set.”

In a second set, Hungrybox managed to win Game 1, and from there he tranquil a pacing of a whole set. More squeeze opportunities came for Hungrybox, and an fatiguing squeeze to rest combo hermetic Game 4 and a 3-1 feat for a Jigglypuff main.

In regards to winning, “This is a prominence of my whole career. I’m still in startle of winning.” He after added, “It’s closure in a lot of ways. It’s going to start a call for me and I’m going to follow on through. It was a matter to be done eventually and it finally happened.”

In April, Pound 2016 in Virginia and Smash Summit 2 in California will underline high-level action, with several of a gods once again in attendance. As Hungrybox continues to spin heads with each victory, he’ll demeanour to serve settle himself as one of a best Melee players in a world.

Final Results — Battle of a Five Gods ($25,000 Prize Pool)

1. Juan “Liquid Hungrybox” Debiedma ($13,000)
2. Joseph “C9.Mango” Marquez ($5,000)
3. Adam “Armada” Lindgren ($3,000)
4. Robert “PG Wobbles” Wright ($1,500)
5. Justin “PG Plup” McGrath ($750)
5. Weston “Tempo|Westballz” Dennis ($750)
7. Otto “GC|Silent Wolf” Bisno ($500)
7. Jason “MVG Cog Mew2King” Zimmerman ($500)

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