Hungrybox, coaching, and a dictatorial meta: What we schooled about Super Smash Bros. Melee from Evo 2016

July 23, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

By Daniel “Tafokints” Lee

An rare margin of 2,372 Super Smash Bros. Melee entrants was embellished down to usually one during Evo 2016. After a exhausting grand finals, Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma overcame his middle demons to better Adam “Armada” Lindgren and win his initial ever Evo tournament. Moving forward, what does this meant for Smash?

Juan Juan

The undisputed king

For starters, it’s protected to contend that Hungrybox is now a best Smash actor in a world.

Sure, other tip players such as William “Leffen” Hjelte or Kevin “PPMD” Nanney weren’t there to quarrel for a title, yet a star isn’t built on “what-ifs.” Hungrybox’s joint track was no cakewalk, either, as he degraded a diversion Joseph “Mango” Marquez in losers semis and afterwards Armada twice in grand finals.

Players tend to underperform during Evo, where a nerves and vigour strech new heights, yet a tip 8 showed an altogether plain turn of play. What unequivocally stood out, however, was Hungrybox’s resilience. He found himself in high vigour situations and estimable deficits, nonetheless he consistently found a game-breaking rest whenever he indispensable it. His opponents played fearfully when a games went down to a wire, and Hungrybox fast famous how to play off of their fear. He’s encountered these situations thousands of time in use and it was adult to him to brand that of his collection he indispensable during mangle time. Hate his impression or his playstyle all we want, yet we have to honour a perfect mental restraint that he exhibited during a finals.

Hungrybox’s naysayers mostly indicate out that many of his 2016 wins were opposite weaker competition. But that evidence is now moot, as he had outplace Armada, Mango, and Mew2King to win Evo. The feat brings him to a sum of 8 vital wins, that surpasses Armada’s 3 wins and Mango’s two. Hungrybox attends a many events and wins a infancy of them. His accomplishments and annals put him safely above everybody else, including Armada, for 2016.

Juan Juan

Mentality and coaching

Several players, including Hungrybox, played feeble on Day 2. Armada had tighten calls with Joey “Lucky” Aldama and Rishi “SmashG0d” Malhotra, while Hungrybox struggled with Dajuan “Shroomed” McDaniel. Uncharacteristic errors and controversial decision-making ran prevalent as thousands of fans wondered what was going on.

Hungrybox went behind to a sketch house with newly sealed dedicated researcher Luis “Crunch” Rosias to mangle down sets and reinvigorate Hungrybox’s mentality. In a post-finals interview, Hungrybox mentioned that Crunch is his voice of reason and reassures him that he can win when his mind believes otherwise. That support helped him persevere after he mislaid to Justin “Plup” McGrath and when he fell behind opposite Armada in mixed games.

Team Liquid took a risk in employing Crunch as a initial ever Melee analyst, yet their investment has really paid off. In a tweet, Kevin “PewPewU” Toy gave high regard to Crunch and a volume of work that he contributes to Hungrybox’s altogether success.

While Melee is good behind esports such as League of Legends in actor resources, we could continue to see a trend for other teams to sinecure dedicated analysts and coaches to assistance tip players. Seeing a sheer disproportion in Hungrybox’s play over a past year, teams should start to weigh a value of an analyst.

Evo 2016 crowdEvo 2016 crowd

The healthy metagame

Even yet Evo 2016 finished with another Fox and Jigglypuff grand finals, a movement was sparkling and dynamic.

Over a march of a year, people disturbed that a slower gait of Armada and Hungrybox matches would gimlet spectators, yet everybody had an implausible time examination a back-and-forth duel between a two. The grand finals went to a full 10 games and a turn of play was enchanting and intense. Along with a altogether pacing, a impression farrago showed that 20xx is indeed a farce, as 7 singular characters played in this year’s tip 8 — including Captain Falcon, a initial ever during an Evo event. If we ever wish to re-watch a Top 8 Melee eventuality in 2016, this is a one to watch.

Adam Adam

What’s next?

The summer of Smash is still distant from over, as events continue scarcely each other week. The second annual Super Smash Con hits Virginia in August, with several tip 20 players already reliable to attend. Later that month, Boston brings another vital with Shine 2016.

Pretty soon, a full register of tip players will be behind in action. Leffen usually has a few some-more weeks before he finalizes his visa situation, and hopefully PPMD creates a full liberation from his health-related issues. It’s been over a year given a Big 6 have played in a same tournament; zero would make a Melee star some-more sparkling than a world’s tip players squaring off once again.

While Hungrybox is series one for now, Armada, Mango, and even Leffen are fervent to plea him for a tip spot. The arms competition continues to grow as players rise new tricks, labour their play, and investigate one another. Here’s anticipating we get some-more events with a kind of play we saw in Vegas.

Daniel Lee is on Twitter @tafokints.

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