There’s been a lot of conjecture around a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, privately when it comes to that new characters (if any) Nintendo is still formulation to announce before a diversion launches in December. Popular guesses embody Mario knave (and tennis doubles partner) Waluigi, Donkey Kong archenemy King K. Rool, and Castlevania favourite Simon Belmont. Now, a uninformed trickle claims to exhibit all of a remaining Super Smash Bros. Roster, though there’s a catch.

The latest Smash bros. trickle comes in a form of an unknown post on 4chan (via Twin Galaxies), that already creates it flattering sketchy. On tip of that, it’s delivered in a form of a riddle, with clues in place of tangible impression names. So before we dive in, make certain you’re holding all with a pellet of salt.

That being said, this is fundamentally a value trove of teases and hints for inspired Super Smash Bros. fans. So let’s take a closer demeanour during these Ultimate register clues. First, here’s a strange post:

OK Kiddies, see if we can figure this one out.

July: The characters “King” and “Ponytail” will be suggested in a mini direct

August: The impression “Old Man” will be suggested during years EVO

September: The impression “Archer” will be suggested in a approach of some kind

October: The Characters “Warrior” “Secretary” will be suggested in a Smash Ultimate focused Direct.

November: The impression “Mech” will be suggested in a warn impression announcement

The other characters: The Characters “Rhythm” “Folklore” “Doll” and “Prime Ribs” won’t get exhibit trailers until post release.

Confused? That’s fine. We’re here to mangle down these riddles for we one by one.

The initial clue, “King” should set off an alarm for anyone who’s been following along with new leaks. Could this be King K. Rool? If that’s a case, afterwards “Ponytail” is substantially a Donkey Kong impression too. Maybe Dixie Kong, who also rocks a ponytail.

Next on a list is “Old Man,” that could potentially be another Donkey Kong fighter. Maybe Cranky Kong? Then again, deliberation that this impression is allegedly removing announced during EVO (a yearly fighting diversion tournament), it creates clarity that it could be a impression from another fighting diversion series. Like, say, Heihachi, a primogenitor knave from a Tekken series.

As for “Archer,” one renouned theory is that this could be a Pokémon further from a seventh-generation Sun and Moon games. Specifically, it competence be Decidueye, a archer-inspired final expansion of grass-type starter Rowlet.

In October, Nintendo could announce dual new characters during a “Smash Ultimate focused Direct” presentation. “Warrior” competence be Simon Belmont, a prolonged rumored further from Castlevania. As for “Secretary,” a renouned theory seems to be Isabella from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Then, in November, Nintendo will allegedly announce one final pre-release character: “Mech.” We’re not certain who that will be, though one decent theory on 4chan is Elma from Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Finally, a leaker hints during 4 some-more additions entrance to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate register after a diversion is already released: “Rhythm”, “Folklore”, “Doll”, and “Prime Ribs.” That final one sounds like a anxiety to a Metroid Prime series, probable hinting during a Dark Samus character. Doll could be Geno from Super Mario RPG, a long-lived fan favorite, while Rhythm might be a anxiety to a Chorus Kinds from a from a Rhythm Heaven series. As for Folklore, no one seems to know what that could be reffering to, and it looks like we won’t know for another 6 months or so.

At slightest in a meantime we have a integrate of Smash-focused Nintendo Direct presentations to demeanour brazen to — presumption this trickle turns out to be true, of course.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on Dec 7 for Nintendo Switch.