How Wizzrobe became a best Falcon in Melee

June 12, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

“Jack of all trades, master of none.” We’ve all listened this cliche before; it means somebody who has dabbled in many skills substantially doesn’t have a ability to master any. It seems like an discerning adequate conclusion, though in a universe of rival Smash Bros, somebody has challenged this age-old adage by reaching top-professional standing in 3 opposite Smash games: Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett.

Wizzrobe is not your typical Smash player. Hailing from executive Florida, this 19-year-old has been source of resounding regard by a Smash village for his inclination in Smash 64, Project M, and Melee. It’s his poise of Falcon in Melee, however, that has been his many conspicuous explain to fame.

Right now, Wizzrobe is deliberate Melee’s best Falcon player, and is during slightest tip 15 altogether in a world. To expose what creates this so important, we need to know a small bit about Melee’s tier-list. Professional Melee is notoriously binary; many of a tip 10 possibly categorical Fox or Sheik, dual of a best characters in a game. So when a actor like Wizzrobe comes around fixation as he does with Falcon, a sense a few spots next a dual tip tiers, it’s a large deal.

But to softened know his success with Falcon, we need to know Wizzrobe’s multigame beginnings. It was done transparent from an early age that he already hexed an measureless talent and passion for a all things Smash.

Multigame origins

“I wanted to be good given we was little, and that never changed.”

Wizzrobe’s reason for personification Smash isn’t opposite from many people’s: a elementary adore of a game. For him, Smash in ubiquitous was a kind of diversion where he could constantly keep entrance behind and still never get bored. He started with Melee and already a expostulate to turn proficient was instilled in him. His large dream during a time was to attend his initial rival tournament.

It wasn’t prolonged before Wizzrobe’s dream was realized. At a age of 13, he went to his initial contest to contest in Melee. There he done a poignant sense on other attendees with his technical ability and his clever hoop on a game. Wizzrobe reflected on his initial rival experience, observant “I did flattering well. we kick a integrate people and captivated a throng where people were repelled a immature child during his initial tourney could do things like waveshine opposite a stage”

Wizzrobe’s initial contest also authorised him to examination with a sense named Captain Falcon. Having a gusto for a F-Zero array as good as a many combos Falcon could lift off, Wizzrobe had a clever enterprise to make him his categorical character. After not carrying most success with Falcon for his initial match, however, he did what all good Melee players do: switch to Fox. He did somewhat softened with his Fox and went with him for a residue of a tourney.

“But even still, we had always wanted to categorical Falcon and have him be my best. It was usually harder in a beginning,” Wizzrobe pronounced of his switch.

Wizzrobe had a rival expostulate for Super Smash Bros, a initial diversion in a Smash series, usually as he did for Melee. He would continue to place good in both games around his internal Florida scene. But gaining inclination in usually dual games wasn’t enough. His third game, Project M, was an unofficial, fan-made Smash diversion with gameplay modifications softened matched for rival purposes. It would be this diversion that would launch him into a spotlight.

He continued practicing all 3 until he attended a contest that would offer as a branch indicate in his career: Zenith 2013.

Gaining speed

Zenith 2013 was a inhabitant Super Smash Bros. 64, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M tournament, and it was Wizzrobe’s initial contest with a engorgement of tip talent present. World-renowned Melee players like Joseph “Mango” Marquez, William “Leffen” Hjelte, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedmaand Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman were all in attendance. Hungrybox and Mew2King were also set to contest in Project M. So Wizzrobe set out to take down these stars of a Smash stage in a diversion he knew well.

While he didn’t have a conspicuous opening in Melee or Smash 64, Wizzrobe placed initial in Project M, forward of Mew2King and Hungrybox as good as several other notable PM players during a time. Suddenly, he became something of a Project M legend.

Wizzrobe continued to place good in destiny Project M tournaments, though also started creation some-more sound in other Smash games. In Smash 64, he emerged as a unchanging in a Top 8 of inhabitant tournaments that had some of a game’s best players in attendance. And his impulse to gleam in Melee was shortly on a way.

At CEO 2014, during a age of 16, Wizzrobe placed an considerable fifth among a ranks of Adam “Armada” Lindgren, Mango, Mew2King, and Hungrybox. Wizzrobe’s ability with Falcon was branch some heads in a Melee community. (He also placed second in Project M, stability his multigame trend.)

But any Smash actor can tell we that balancing mixed games is intensely difficult. Each diversion has opposite production and mechanics, and perplexing to juggle 3 is a burden. Wizzrobe could do it, though that meant he couldn’t deposit all of his resources in one game.

So when a Project M stage faded around 2015 as contest organizers refused to horde it anymore, Wizzrobe had some-more time to concentration on Smash 64, and some-more importantly, Melee. “The diversion was fun while it lasted though finished adult being reduction engaging nearby a end,” Wizzrobe said. “PM failing helped give me some-more time to concentration on other games.”

A fable dies, a fable is born

Though his PM days competence have been behind him, a new epoch of Melee was in a works. Starting in 2015, he started to see most stronger contest results. And nonetheless it was utterly formidable to do with a sense like Falcon, Wizzrobe says he doesn’t bewail staying with him one bit. “I’m blissful we stranded with him. Probably would of been aloft ranked by now if we switched to Fox, though staying Falcon has a possess lessons to learn too. Getting good with Falcon helps me know a diversion softened we feel, rather than starting off with a best character.”

When we asked him how Falcon helps him know a diversion better, he replied “By not being means to use damaged tools.”

Attending incomparable tournaments some-more frequently than he did before, Wizzrobe placed in a Top 8 of built nationals such as Smash ‘N’ Splash, WTFox, MLG World Finals, and Frame Perfect Series. At DreamHack Austin 2016, he placed fourth, behind usually Mango, Hungrybox, and Mew2King. The Melee village was in astonishment that a Falcon could get so far.

But maybe his rise impulse was in Jul 2016 when he took down Hungrybox during WTFox 2. Wizzrobe dumbfounded a Melee village on 3 opposite levels: violence Hungrybox, doing so around a 3-0 scoreline, and doing all of that as Falcon. If anyone didn’t cruise Wizzrobe was a hazard before, his opening during WTFox unequivocally erased any doubt.

While many might cruise this a “turning point” in his career, Wizzrobe thinks he’s on a solid trail towards alleviation rather than desiring that there is any bound duration of poignant change in his playstyle. For him, a highway to soundness is light and there are no shortcuts. “Once we accepted a judgment of perplexing to optimize situations, that helped me urge a lot, though altogether we feel like we gradually got better. There wasn’t unequivocally a pivotal year where we softened drastically some-more than a last.”

Wizzrobe has shown a ability to contest in opposite Melee’s tip players. Never deviate from his attempted and loyal Falcon, he is singular though still a indifferent competitor.

He is smooth in tip turn play of mixed Smash games and is heralded as a best Falcon in Melee. Despite all of that, Wizzrobe is not calm usually yet. He has one some-more ultimate goal: “Be consistent, turn tip 5, turn tip 1, afterwards tip 0.”

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