How Adam ‘Armada’ Lindgren Became World’s Best ‘Smash Bros.’ Player

December 21, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Between May 2011 and Jan 2013, Sweden’s Adam “Armada” Lindgren won each vital Super Smash Bros. Melee contest he entered, 13 in all. Seven days after his 13th true victory, Lindgren logged onto a village forum Smashboards and announced his retirement. He was only 19 years old. Though Melee‘s opposition stage had grown usually given a game’s 2001 release, 2012 had been discouraging, with sum esteem income dipping next $30,000 for a initial time in 4 years. How do we tell when an esport is doomed? A flattering arguable pointer is when a steep dump in esteem income is followed by a best actor in a universe unresolved adult his gloves during age 19.

“I do not feel any proclivity to turn a improved player,” Lindgren wrote in his farewell post. “I don’t design everybody to be happy with me [sic] preference though we wish everybody can during slightest accept and honour this.”

It’s tough to exaggerate a blow that this news dealt to a Melee scene. Imagine Michael Jordan job it quits after one championship. The initial response from a village was to disagree that a post was a prank. “2/10,” review a initial reply. “Wasn’t really believable.” Once a post’s sincerity was confirmed, fans and players comparison were heartbroken. Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, another Smash fable and Lindgren’s visit doubles partner, wrote that “with we gone, we overtly feel my glow to turn improved is flattering most left too.”

Replies continued to drip in over a days that followed. Southern California’s Joseph “Mango” Marquez, Lindgren’s arch opposition for a pretension of “all time greatest,” weighed in with evil impudence, job a Swedish retirement a “vagina” and after observant “I know for a fact he’s not improved afterwards [sic] me, so it doesn’t worry me much.”

His taunts fell on deaf ears. Europe’s tip actor traded “Armada” for a new moniker – Mr. Lindgren – as he started a new career as a surrogate teacher.

Lindgren finished a useful choice. Most Melee tournaments were located in America, and even holding initial place hardly equivalent a cost of transatlantic travel. He was finished with high school. He wasn’t enrolled during a university, and it was time to start meditative about a long-term approach to compensate a bills. For a Swede in Jan 2013, Melee wasn’t that.

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