Get a outline on Ryu, Roy and Lucas in Super Smash Bros

June 18, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Nintendo Treehouse gets Hadouken-happy with a latest DLC.


The initial day of a Nintendo Treehouse Live E3 eventuality enclosed an in-depth scrutiny of a 3 new characters recently combined to Super Smash Bros’ roster.

The biggest news is a understanding struck with Capcom that brings Ryu to a array for a initial time, a pierce that’s firm to shake adult a landscape of rival play. While a presenters described Ryu as “not for a gloomy of heart”, longtime fans of a impression should fast find themselves during home given that he’s bringing his classical moveset with him, as good as Street Fighter’s disastrous corner technique.

Roy from Fire Emblem might demeanour many like Marth during initial glance, though he’s improved in tighten fight situations. Watch out for his neutral B conflict – it’s delayed to assign and costs a bit of health, though it’s also a singular many absolute pierce in a game.

Earthbound’s Lucas is a latest classical impression to make a lapse to a series. He still plays a lot like Ness, though with a few pivotal differences, including a torpedo adult smash.

Check out a full video for tons of tips on how to get to grips with a latest additions to Super Smash Bros’ line-up, as good as a demeanour during a new costumes and stages.

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