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June 18, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

This past week a gaming universe descended on LA for a annual E3 show, though in a stadium, a brief stretch divided Epic Games was holding a initial large Fortnite competition. The 2018 Pro-Am total pro-players, streamers and celebrities to contest for their share of $3 million to present to charity.

The outcome wasn’t wholly surprising, Ninja and his partner Marshmello, walked divided with a golden cleaver and a biggest share of a gift donations.

But, it was a initial glance during what Fortnite esports can unequivocally demeanour like. Inside a large stadium, AAA production, outrageous esteem income and a good demeanour during a spectator mode and tradition diversion setup that will be during a core of pro competition.

Epic Games also took a time to outline a first rival season for 2018-2019. The Fortnite World Cup will take place in late 2019, though before that there will be community, online and vital offline tournaments orderly around a world. World Cup play will concentration on solo and twin competition, though Epic says there will also be plenty play for squads, too.

And a best partial is that anyone can take part. Where we dropping?

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