Eevee should be a subsequent Pokemon combined to Super Smash Bros.

April 11, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

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eevee pokemonI know we’re removing Pokken Fighters, an central Pokemon brawler. Also, that a Super Smash Bros. register is already full adult with several Pokemon. Charizard, Greninja, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Mewtwo, and Pikachu are some-more than doing their partial to represent. However, I’d like to contention for your care another impression that clearly would be utterly during home in Super Smash Bros.. You should all opinion for Eevee to join a expel on a Smash Bros Fighters Ballot.

I know that Eevee might not seem like a best idea. It’s a Normal form Pokemon, and it’s bottom moveset isn’t really impressive. Think like that, and you’ll skip out on a Super Smash Bros. potential. The reason Eevee deserves all your votes and should be DLC is since of a customization potential.

In Super Smash Bros., we can put together Custom Move Sets for characters. This is finished after appropriation Specials around personification a game. That’s where Eevee could shine.

Here’s my idea. The bottom Eevee would be like a one we all remember from Pokemon Red and Blue. (Or Green, if we prefer.) Certain inputs would means it to develop into Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon. It’s moveset would adjust accordingly. This wouldn’t be as formidable to lift off as it might sound, and a Final Smash could be a same for each, though with a opposite tone intrigue depending on a expansion (or eeveelution) of a moment.

However, someone could eventually collect Specials that would boost a array of expansion options for Eevee. Spend adequate time with a game, and maybe you’d be means to change things adult and make Espeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Sylveon, and Umbreon options. This would make match-ups opposite Eevee some-more engaging too, as you’d never know what kind of build you’d be adult against.

The usually downside is, such a impression could be too fatiguing for Super Smash Bros.. We already know technical stipulations kept a Ice Climbers out of a game, as a 3DS chronicle couldn’t hoop them. Since Nintendo wants to keep a dual versions equal, that could take Eevee out of a running.

eevee pokemon super pound bros pound bros fighters ballot
Still, it never hurts to try. If you’re deliberation attempting to opinion another Pokemon into a Super Smash Bros. roster, make it Eevee. I’m certain it would be a good further to a cast.

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  • How about no? This DLC is a once in a lifetime and singular situation. A association frequency ever asks their fans to figure their DLC. Companies only siphon out DLC like a product down an public line; really unexcited and only for a money-grab. But here, a fans have a contend in a destiny of a game, and we would have it squandered on a Pokemon character? we can honour many peoples ideas for a ballot, though whenever someone mentions a pointless anime impression (Goku), a impression Nintendo doesn’t possess (Master Chief (Yes I’ve seen someone advise that)), a totally pointless impression that has no right in Smash Brothers (Lego Batman (yes, also seen that as an thought some 10 year aged said)), and another impression from an already over represented authorization in Smash Brothers (anyone from a Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon series), we remove it lol We need to provide this as an event to figure a authorization in a estimable way, not only “Oh hey! we can advise anyone we want. Willy Wonka and Pokemans and Billy Cosby; those would be so cold in smash4733t HAXORAX KAWAII EVRY1!”

  • Sorry for a prolonged reply, though we only unequivocally disagree. In short, this is a singular DLC opportunity, and it seems improved employed on a some-more different and new character. To me, it would be a squandered event to only chuck in another impression from a authorization that has adequate representatives. A classical Nes/Snes character, DK, or Metroid impression would be a improved fit in my mind; rather than another Pokemon, Mario, or Zelda character.

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