Custom amiibo arrangement modeled after Hyrule Castle from Super Smash Bros.

December 24, 2014 - Super Smash Bros


By now, you’ve collected every amiibo that’s still left on store shelves. While you’re holding a mangle from perplexing to find a rare Pit or Little Mac to supplement to your collection, have we stopped to consider about what you’re going to do with a classics? You know, a strange challengers from a diversion that started it all?

Artist Danilo Santeliz motionless to create a reproduction of a Hyrule Castle theatre from a strange Super Smash Bros. The iconic N64 theatre was constructed over a march of dual weeks, while cut, crafted, and assembled to perfection. The whole square was hand-painted to move each 64-bit fact to life, and is a follow-up square to his implausible Final Destination amiibo arrangement hilt we featured progressing this month. Hyrule Castle fits 12 amiibo comfortably, though Danilo assures us this mount will usually be used to reason a classical characters that seemed in a strange pretension — sorry, destiny Toon Link amiibo.

Check subsequent a mangle for even some-more photos of Hyrule Castle’s highway to completion.


Amiibo Holder Hyrule

Hyrule 4

Hyrule 5

Hyrule 2

Hyrule 3

As for his subsequent piece? Danilo is prepared to take on Star Fox 64’s Great Fox!

Be certain to check out Danilo’s Instagram to follow a swell of his subsequent project.

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