Controversial Controller Mod Forces A Rematch During Smash Melee Major

September 6, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

ChuDat celebrates a soon-to-be bittersweet feat over Leffen (gif around Twitch)

On Sunday night, a Super Smash Brothers: Melee contest during Shine 2017 forced a argumentative rematch between William “Leffen” Hjelte and Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez, partway by a Top 8 finals. It all came down to a new order about a Melee controller modification.

Shine 2017 is a initial Smash Bros vital to need a use of a Melee program mod called a “Universal Controller Fix,” or UCF. After ChuDat kick Leffen in a slight retreat sweep, a contest organizers satisfied that a UCF hadn’t been incited on for their matches. To a dismay of a players and a crowd, ChuDat and Leffen had to get behind on theatre and play their best-of-five set all over again.


Unfortunately for ChuDat’s fans, however, a Ice Climbers categorical could not conduct to kick Leffen a second time. The rematch resulted in Leffen going 3-2 over ChuDat, instead of a other approach around.

As for how large of a disproportion this controller mod could make, well, that’s still adult for discuss in a Melee community. Shine 2017 served as a contrast belligerent for a new tool, that came out on Aug 8, usually a few weeks before a event.

The UCF is designed to scold for issues that arise with aging Gamecube controllers, a hardware of choice for players of a 16-year-old Super Smash Brothers game. Some Gamecube controllers have difficulty implementing moves like defense drops and dashbacks; a problem is a controller, not a player, and a UCF mod aims to scold for those discrepancies and turn a personification field. Before this point, Melee majors haven’t used a mod, nor did it exist yet. In those other tournaments, ChuDat’s win opposite Leffen would have counted.


According to Shi Deng, contest organizer for Shine 2017, both players concluded to a rematch. In a Twitch broadcast after a finals wrapped, he explained what had unfolded backstage. “We talked to Chu. we privately talked it out,” he said, afterwards offering serve reason for because a rematch did not occur right away: “Actually, because we behind it is, we wanted to kind of give him some time to kind of decongest… There were some concessions we done to Chu. He had some demands.”

Shi Deng did not elaborate about ChuDat’s “demands,” nonetheless many of ChuDat’s fans have insincere a actor got additional income for his trouble. Compete did not hear behind from ChuDat about what those “demands” competence have been before press time. In any case, it doesn’t seem like any “concession” could have done adult for a beating ChuDat felt about losing a rematch.

Leffen wins a rematch (gif around Twitch)

“I really, unequivocally wanted to have that status of removing into fifth place during Shine,” ChuDat told HTC Esports after a compare ended. “It sucks! It sucks.” When asked about Leffen, he betrothed his fans, “I’m gonna kick his donkey subsequent time!”

Tournament organizer Shi Deng took shortcoming for a mistake on Twitch. “It was bad. We kind of messed up,” he admitted. “The good partial is, it didn’t drain into winner’s semis. We held it early.”

The choice to exercise this controller mod opposite a house had been a argumentative one, that Shi Deng also concurred in a post-finals interview: “At Shine, we take risks… First time we attempted some stuff. Some things didn’t work as good as we planned, and we’re always going to urge on it.”

Shi Deng wanted ChuDat to win only as most as a throng booing Leffen after a rematch. “Secretly, I’m indeed a unequivocally large Chu fan. we adore Ice Climbers,” Shi Deng pronounced on a tide that evening. Sadly, that adore wasn’t adequate to remonstrate him to mangle a rules.

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