Confirmed: Duck left Denial over blank pay

January 7, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

5:20 PM ET

Update (Jan. 6, 2017): James “Duck” Ma has confirmed that a separate was due to remuneration issues. “[Denial Esports] have been unequivocally pure about how they’ve been perplexing to compensate me behind and as of now have already paid a infancy of what they owe me,” he stated. Original story continues below.

Denial Esports has unsuccessful to compensate a Super Smash Bros. Melee actor James “Duck” Ma dual months’ value of salary, attention sources tell ESPN. As a outcome of a miss of payment, Duck announced that he would be withdrawal Denial and re-entering a free-agent marketplace on Thursday.

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  • Injured Hungrybox will contest during Genesis 4

    The best Jigglypuff actor in Super Smash Bros. Melee won’t let a damaged finger forestall him from playing.

  • Denial Esports adds initial Smash actor with Duck

    In substantially a shortest reign of an esports classification ever, Duck has changed on from Melee It On Me to join Denial Esports as a initial Smash player.

  • The news comes after Duck spent scarcely 5 months with a organization, carrying assimilated a group in Aug 2016 to turn Denial’s initial Super Smash Bros. player. Prior to entering a Super Smash Bros. space, a group had already had a participation in League of Legends, Halo, Call of Duty, Heroes of a Storm, Smite and more.

    Denial Esports has had dual other remuneration disputes with players on a rosters during a past 18 months. In Aug 2015, a classification reportedly unsuccessful to compensate a Halo group a common $3,000 in salary, according to a Dot Esports report. In Dec 2015, Denial reportedly did not compensate a League of Legends group for dual months, that contributed to a patrol withdrawal a Denial code and relocating to another organization.

    Following a disputes with a Halo team, Denial CEO Robby Ringnalda supposing some discernment into a organization’s position on a matter of actor compensation. He settled that teams should stop profitable their players if they are not actively participating in selling efforts outward of their in-game performances.

    “Stop profitable players if they stop compelling a brands that make a orgs tick,” a TwitLonger statement from Sep 2015 reads. “If they have a problem afterwards impute to a agreement that was created that says they have to work with a org and foster a sponsors. … Without sponsors this attention would be 1/10th of a distance they are VERY IMPORTANT. Every association agreement should have a list of deliverables that a actor has to follow. It is a org and a players pursuit to make a unite happy.”

    Duck declined to criticism on this report. Denial Esports did not respond to a ask for comment.

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