Cloud Strife Super Smash Bros. DLC Impressions – SOLDIER Comes to Smash

December 23, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

It was usually a brief time ago that everybody was assured new fighters for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS indispensable to have a story on a past Nintendo platform. It wasn’t until Nintendo finished a special proclamation during a Nintendo Direct display that suddenly cracked everyone’s preconceived expectations about a game. Cloud Strife is a new DLC impression in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. The proclamation not usually generated a outrageous spin of excitement, though dull out a many different register of characters in a franchise’s history.

While unimaginable during first, Cloud’s fighting impression works startling good with a rest of a stream roster. All of Cloud’s attacks are formed on his actions from Final Fantasy VII, including attacks with a primary concentration on his Buster Sword. A lot of a Limit Breaks from a strange diversion make adult Cloud’s special attacks, including his Final Smash being a absolute Omnislash.

But this doesn’t meant Cloud’s fighting impression is that of a elementary powerhouse with a vast sword. The Limit Break scale gives Cloud a some-more technical feel, where aggressive and removing strike builds a scale adult over time and changes adult a properties of Cloud’s attacks when it reaches max. You wish understanding repairs and build adult your scale quick before unleashing a absolute conflict that knocks opponents off a theatre during tolerably low percentages.


Fans of Final Fantasy VII will be astounded during a many nods and easter eggs sparse via several tools of a game. The costumes for Cloud embody his strange pattern and swap from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, including variations that exhibit a Geostigma on his arm. The taunts and feat poses are all desirous by animations we see in Final Fantasy VII, including a animation for casting sorcery and a heading Buster Sword spin.

Nintendo went over elementary nods and went as distant as to embody a Final Fantasy VII feat pushing and a strange game’s typeface during a finish of his Classic and All-Star mode. There are even screenshots that use other characters to reconstruct scenes from Final Fantasy VII, such as Lady Palutena behaving as Sephiroth in abandon and a Mii Fighters being dressed adult like The Turks.


Cloud’s DLC also comes with a code new theatre that is set in Midgar, a categorical city of Final Fantasy VII. The theatre looks good and is designed sincerely good with similarities to a Battlefield and Dreamland stages. What creates Midgar singular are a environmental hazards, that are triggered by collecting a floating serve materia.

There are a sum of 5 serve monsters that can seem and any has an implausible outcome on a theatre itself. Ifrit shoots abandon to spin a theatre over, Ramuh electrifies platforms to repairs enemies, Leviathan floods a area with H2O to drag everybody away, Odin slices a theatre in half, and Bahamut Zero fires a lamp from a credentials to a theatre itself. Grabbing a materia will means a lot of disharmony during a match, though we can invalidate this by personification on a Omega chronicle of a Midgar stage.


It’s extraordinary to Super Smash Bros. as a array turn so renouned and be means to embody characters over a boundary of Nintendo exclusivity. Even improved is how a inclusion of a impression like Cloud, one that has no chronological ties to Nintendo platforms, be finished with such a high spin of peculiarity and courtesy to detail. The Cloud DLC comes with both a new warrior and a new stage, most like a Ryu downloadable calm from before. Unlike that DLC however, we are removing some-more value when we squeeze Cloud since of a additional environmental hazards in his theatre and a new easter eggs that can be found in a game.

Cloud is really a plain further to a Super Smash Bros. register that fans of Final Fantasy VII and Smash array true will appreciate. You can squeeze Cloud and a Midgar theatre now by a Nintendo eShop for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS.

These impressions were formed on a purchased digital duplicate of a Cloud Strife DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.

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