ChuDat joins Team Liquid’s Super Smash Bros roster

June 15, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

ChuDat assimilated Team Liquid's Super Smash Bros roster, a classification announced Thursday.

Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez, one of a longest regulating Super Smash Bros professionals in a universe and maybe a best Ice Climbers actor in Melee, has assimilated Team Liquid.

Liquid announced a acquisition Thursday. ChuDat has been a veteran given 2005, creation him one of a many seasoned veterans in a scene. His opening as Ice Climbers impacted a meta of rival play in a early points of rival Melee, that is also when he warranted a pretension of a best Ice Climber actor in a world.

“I am so respected that Team Liquid has selected me to paint them,” he pronounced in a statement. “This is an extraordinary eventuality and we can’t wait to start personification underneath their brand.”

ChuDat’s lane record from a beginning days of his career in 2003 to a benefaction has been scarily unchanging in Melee’s singular and doubles tournaments. Most recently, ChuDat placed initial in a second book of a Battle of BC contest from Jun 3-4, where he competed with his famous Ice Climbers in a Melee event.

Team Liquid has now stretched a collection of distinguished Super Smash Bros total to three, as ChuDat joins Juan “HungryBox” Debiedma and Kashan “Chillin” Khan underneath a Team Liquid banner.

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