Certain blunder codes from Super Smash Bros. might be preventing play

December 2, 2014 - Super Smash Bros


With Smash resolutely in a hands of both North America and Europe, there are reports of a critical blunder that could lead to a bricked system. All of this justification is anecdotal and collected from a Smash Boards, a village dedicated to a franchise. The blunder formula is formula 160-0103 and appears to cocktail adult when a actor decides to exit an online match. The blunder pops adult and says there’s a problem with a Wii U’s complement memory.

According to a post on Smash Boards, attempting to undo a Update Data of a diversion seems to means a problem, as save information and common information are deleted easily. The print says a problem was caused by quitting a compare early due to loiter and after logging in again, he was confronted with a blunder that no longer allows him to play. Other games work excellent on a system, though Super Smash Bros. fails in any mode after experiencing a error.

I spin a diversion on, we go by all a menus fine. we start a internal Multiplayer compare make to shade preference and BAM! I’m strike with this blunder formula it contend there is a problem with a complement memory.

So, we try some other games and they work fine. Then we try deletion my Smash Bros.’s data. The save information and Shared information are erased easily, though with we try deletion a Update Data we get a identical blunder about complement memory.

Obviously something is astray here as blunder codes shouldn’t keep we from personification a game. Perhaps a program refurbish will repair this emanate that’s been encountered by a online community, though until then, be clever with exiting matches once you’re inside.

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source ⦿ http://wiiudaily.com/2014/12/error-codes-preventing-smash-play/

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