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October 17, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

What happens when SoCal hurdles NorCal to a Super Smash Bros. Melee rematch on their turf? SoCal doesn’t uncover up.

Blood for Blood in San Francisco, California was ostensible to be SoCal’s possibility during redemption, though since many tip players were incompetent to attend, it incited into another NorCal vs. NorCal grand finals.

Who is a Worlds MVP so far? Hint: It’s not Faker

Before we burst to Faker or Smeb as a best of worlds so far, we competence wish to take a closer demeanour during a marksman a few seats divided from Faker.

  • Worlds: Third South Korean group creates semis

    For a initial time, South Korea has all of a member in a semifinals. ROX Tigers demonstrated a opposite character from their brethren, though a feat was only as decisive.

  • Worlds: South Korea sends dual teams to semis

    In a compare that looked closer than it was, fortifying champ SK Telecom T1 became a second South Korean group in a League of Legends Worlds semis after ousting RNG 3-1.

  • All of SoCal’s hopes were roving on G2’s Weston “Westballz” Dennis, who was fighting his approach by a loser’s bracket. In a finals, Westballz had to go opposite Counter Logic Gaming’s Kevin “PewPewU” Toy. Westballz is famous for carrying a rarely technical and quick Falco. PewPewU, however, stayed grounded, and punished Westballz for entrance in with pristine aggression. This didn’t stop Westballz, as he continued to request tons of pressure. Unfortunately, it was during a third diversion that Westballz held a madness of Whispy.

    There’s a tree in a core of Dreamland that will blow a breeze of wind. It was while Westballz was perplexing to get behind on theatre that Whispy threw out a gust, forcing him behind on ledge. PewPewU took advantage of this and converted it into a stock. After a loss, Westballz took PewPewU behind to Dreamland for Game 4, and lost. It put to rest all chances of a SoCal comeback.

    In a grand finals, it was NorCal vs. NorCal with Splyce’s Michael “Nintendude” Brancato opposite PewPewU. Nintendude was sitting comfortably, carrying sent PewPewU to a loser’s joint progressing on. But PewPewU was means to reset a joint in a initial set with a purify 3-0. In a second set of a grand finals, PewPewU continued his domination, and took a contest 3-1.

    One of a favorites going in had infrequently called it quits in a center of a tournament. Winterfox’s DaJuan “Shroomed” McDaniel, representing NorCal, motionless to abstain Sheik and play Marth. But after losing early to Jeffrey “EastCoastJeff” Yuan, Shroomed unfit himself from a event.

    The sole East Coast representative, Ryan “The Moon” Coker-Welch had an considerable run. But after a forsaken edgeguard opposite PewPewU in a Marth ditto during a winner’s semifinals, he mislaid and was sent to a loser’s bracket. There, he faced Westballz, and was clean degraded 0-3.

    In doubles, it was an unsurprising Counter Logic Gaming sweep, as teammates Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni and PewPewU ran by a whole contest but dropping a game.

    After dual NorCal sweeps in a row, it wouldn’t be too startling if SoCal calls behind for a rematch, hopefully with some-more tip talent in stow.

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