Big Smash Bros. Melee Tournament Will Allow Controversial Controller

December 29, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

SmashBox controller

Super Smash Bros. Melee players still contest during tournaments with a 15-year-old GameCube controller. But it’s got issues—namely, unpleasant ergonomics and easily-degraded joysticks.


So when Dustin Huffer introduced a complicated controller into a Melee mix, he was repelled to hear that a huge, January, 2017 Smash tournament Genesis 4 was deliberation a ban. After a few unpleasant weeks for Huffer and SmashBox controller acolytes, a Genesis 4 organizer told Kotaku today that they’ll now concede a controller, potentially changing a hardware landscape of a 15-year-old fighting game.

The SmashBox controller can’t do anything a normal GameCube controller can’t. It only doesn’t have joysticks—only buttons, like a normal fighting diversion controller. Earlier this month, top-six Melee player Juan Debiedma, aka Hungrybox, told me that “It’s a approach to perform really formidable inputs with some-more precision, with a downside of carrying to learn how to play a diversion all over again.”

But a organizers of Genesis 4 were fearful that, by creation a SmashBox tournament-legal, they would open a floodgates for all sorts of radical and potentially game-breaking controllers. In a worst-case scenario, players will find a approach to use macros, so they could do dual moves with one button. Genesis 4 organizers still have that fear. But in an e-mail, organizer Sheridan Zalewski told me that “it’s improved to give as many people as probable bearing to a controller and manners implications behind it.” What “tournament legal” means for a Melee community, he said, “should be authorised to rise some-more organically.”

It creates sense. The village itself should discern either a controller creates a diversion reduction fun and reduction fair—not a few contest organizers.

Zalewski insisted that this is a “test period” in that players will “see either we can mangle a diversion somehow by permitting a kinds of mods that a SmashBox requires.” It’s a highlight test. He combined that banning a controller this late would be astray to players who done transport skeleton formed on a legality.



We’ll see either a SmashBox will infer viable during Genesis 4. It’s not nonetheless widely distributed—Huffer is in a formulation stages of a Kickstarter campaign. If a SmashBox works out, maybe we’ll see some-more radical controllers entering a Melee scene and jolt adult a teenaged fighting game.

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