Best Buy Employees Play Santa, Buy Wii U For Teen Who Visited Store Daily To Play ‘Super Smash Bros’

December 13, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

‘Tis a deteriorate of giving, and some Best Buy employees bought a Wii U console for a patron who would come by a store daily to play Super Smash Bros.

A teen who would revisit a New York Best Buy bend in Valley Stream scarcely each day to play Super Smash Bros on a Wii U console on arrangement in a diversion territory of a store recently got a warn of his life.

Some store associates wanted to do something good for a revisit visitor, so they chipped in and bought him his possess Wii U console, finish with a Super Smash Bros. game.

Wii U Surprise

The astonishing present was such a good warn that a Best Buy employees had to remonstrate a teen that a Wii U console was unequivocally his, presenting a box, receipt, guaranty and everything.

Rahiem Storr, who has been operative during Best Buy for scarcely a decade, available a greeting and uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, posting a few sum as good to explain a gesture.

“This child came in each singular day to play a arrangement Wii U, a employees in this store saw an event to make a child grin and did only that,” Storr explains in a video description. “They chipped in and purchased a Wii U for him with their possess money.”

Kotaku contacted a General Manager of a store and confirmed the help over a phone. The General Manager pronounced that a patron did indeed revisit a store frequently and a Best Buy associates operative in a Appliances Department came adult with a plan, though he didn’t know they indeed did it until a YouTube video went viral.

A new Wii U 32 GB console gold with a diversion now costs $299.99 during Best Buy and Amazon, so a present wasn’t only a tiny gesture.

Haters Everywhere

Storr’s video went viral and stirred several reactions from YouTubers, many of that left disastrous comments about a whole thing. Disappointed by all a negativity his strange video generated, Storr uploaded another video indicating out that this kind of greeting is “exactly what’s wrong with a world.”

Leaving aside that Storr’s second video is filmed while pushing (which sparked critique in a comments), he does have a point. Regardless of one’s altogether opinion of Best Buy as a brand, these employees done an bid to do something good and warn a teen with a gift, so hatred should not have any room here.

You can check out both videos Storr uploaded below.

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