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January 28, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

For this week’s installment, we have dual SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) brews to share with you.

Let’s start with a birthday boys – Bitter Brothers’ Prodigal Son.

Bitter Brothers usually distinguished their second birthday on Sunday (January 21st). The San Diego brewery has unequivocally exploded newly and, like many from a area, specializes in hoppy, West Coast IPAs but, distinct most, has a immeasurable accumulation to select from.

Whether it’s their Golden Child hefe, their Black Sheep porter, or any character in between, we can find it during their taproom…or via southern California.

I was means to squeeze a four-pack of their singular bound IPA – Prodigal Son.

Prodigal Son is an Amarillo hopped IPA that packs a plain 6.8% ABV and 53 IBU into any 16-ounce can. A four-pack of cans costs $11, so it’s a tad bit aloft than average.

When poured 3 fingers of fluffy, unenlightened creamy froth built a approach adult atop a tolerably cloudy, copper colored beer.

The aroma was what we competence design from a brewery called Bitter Brothers; bound brazen with copiousness of citrus and hunger that somewhat stung my nostrils. Behind a hops was a soothing and honeyed bready malt subsidy but, make no mistake, a Amarillo hops positively shined in a scent.

My initial sip began with some amiable carbonation that fast gave approach to a flavors. Bright citrus records of orange, tangerine, and lemon popped adult initially, providing a unequivocally luscious start to it all.

With all a froth that had built adult primarily we suspicion a splash would have many some-more of a carbonation prick to it as well…but, instead, a soothing and pillowy mouthfeel and creamier physique accompanied a flavors.

Around a median indicate of a taste, a light piquancy and some floral flavors invaded a citrus with some bready and caramel malt benevolence tagging along, expelling many of a hoppy sourness along a way.

Sure, there was still a hoppy punch on a behind of my tongue on arise but, surprisingly, a malts unequivocally resigned a hops via a ambience and combined a unequivocally nominal season to Prodigal Son. The ambience wasn’t scarcely as sour as you’d design from a approach it smelled.

As a sip began to fade, a citrus once again finished an coming – though this time it was oranges, a spirit of mango, and some some-more of that zesty lemon.

Prodigal Son finished on a lurch of dryness though differently unequivocally cleanly…no slow sourness or aftertaste during all.

As a splash was emptied from my potion (a ruin of a lot faster than we anticipated), there was some light lacing left but, for a many part, my tulip potion remained abandoned of any streaks or clouds adhering around.

Overall, we unequivocally enjoyed a singular time we spent with a Prodigal Son. It was packaged with luscious flavors, a good balancing malt backing, and wasn’t scarcely as sour as a name/aroma pragmatic it competence be. we overtly had no thought that we would suffer a Amarillo hops as many as we did in this beer. Next time I’m out west, I’ll be certain to strike them adult for more.


Next up, we have Good City’s Motto.

Good City is a comparatively new brewery in what was once a brewing collateral of a US – Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The city competence be famous for Miller though a lot of eccentric qualification breweries have sprung adult all over a city in a past decade. Good City was one of those, opening their doors in 2016.

Today they offer 8 year-round beers though still usually discharge to a Milwaukee area (that I’ve seen).

A friend common with me one of their year-round brews – Motto, a singular malt/single bound IPA brewed with Crisp Pale malt and Mosaic hops. A six-pack costs a common $10 with any can carrying a assuage 5.2% ABV.

Motto poured a splendid copper tone with usually a finger of white conduct building up. The froth fast hiss out, withdrawal a skinny covering around a corner of my potion and a unique cloud floating around a center of a beer.

A miscellany of pleasant fruits, led by passion fruit and pear, met my nose. It was like smelling a glass fruit cocktail. There was some pineapple, cherry, and mango as good as a slight hoppy hunger aroma stealing behind a fruit. A light, caramel malt was there to change out a aroma though didn’t mount a possibility opposite a Mosaic hops that unequivocally pushed out those good pleasant fruit smells.

My initial ambience began with a plain prick of carbonation that doesn’t final too prolonged before a flavors unequivocally start to pop.

As a smell indicated, it was a pleasant fruits that assaulted my ambience buds; there was a rush of pineapple, grapefruit, pear, mango, and lemon that captivated roughly all of a other flavors.

The dark malts didn’t get a possibility to supplement too many to a beer, as a hops were unequivocally a winners here, though they did supplement some benevolence to Motto that complimented a fruit flavors even more.

Towards a backend of a taste, there is a hoppy sourness that adds some hunger to a pleasant fruit flavors and lingers for a few moments after all is all pronounced and done.

With that piney aftertaste there is a slight cherry flavoring…but like those cherries from Dole fruit cocktails…you know, a season these small guys left. Motto also leaves a resinous, somewhat gummy feeling that hangs around for a small while.

Overall Motto is unequivocally sessionable and utterly easy to drink. It’s a good summer beer…or a good winter splash that’ll move we behind to those comfortable summer days. It’s light…it’s tasty…it’s affordable.

Miller competence have finished Milwaukee famous though there’s a whole slew of improved splash adult there. And Good City is positively doing their partial adult there.

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