Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch: Here’s what we know

February 13, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Ever given a Nintendo Switch was strictly announced, Animal Crossing players have speculated about either a array will accept a Switch release. Nintendo hasn’t strictly reliable a franchise’s entrance on a console yet, though fans see a Switch Animal Crossing entrance as a foregone conclusion. After all, a hybrid console is ideal for a game.

While array fans wait for some-more information , there’s during slightest a few clues accessible for some early speculation. Here’s what we know so distant about Animal Crossing Switch.

Nintendo usually filed a new Animal Crossing trademark

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In late Jan 2018, a heading filed in Japan from Nintendo flush out of a blue. The filing reportedly lonesome Animal Crossing program for a home video diversion machine, along with a unstable electronic appurtenance and smartphones, Nintendo Life reports. The heading also covers pressed animals, controllers, house games, personification cards, trade cards, and protecting carrying cases, among other things,

Granted, that doesn’t meant Nintendo is about to unleash an all-out merchandising debate for Animal Crossing. But a program heading for a home video diversion console is flattering telling, saying how Nintendo’s usually active home console is a Nintendo Switch. Plus, Nintendo traditionally publishes sell for a Animal Crossing releases, with New Leaf quite saying a slew of plushies.

It’s flattering expected that Nintendo has something new designed for Animal Crossing based on a company’s new heading filing alone. Whether that’s for Switch or not, however, stays unclear.

Nintendo Switch Online is coming, and some trust Animal Crossing might come with it

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Nintendo Switch Online was creatively designed for 2017, though afterwards Nintendo behind a online use to Sep 2018. The news has many fans speculating that Nintendo will betray Animal Crossing Switch as an inducement to get fans to allow to a Switch’s online functionality, however.

The thought initial came from a post on Reddit’s r/NintendoSwitch, that cites an financier QA shred with Nintendo boss Tatsumi Kimishima. During a QA session, Kimishima pronounced Nintendo sees Nintendo Switch Online as a member in a “efforts to variegate how a games are played and to get people to play some-more of a games.” And that’s when Kimishima forsaken a quite luscious teaser.

“We have some ideas about how to make Nintendo Switch Online appealing when it becomes a for-pay service, so we consider a subsequent proclamation will be value a wait,” Takahashi pronounced according to GameSpot.

As for either that “next announcement” will be Animal Crossing, it’s unclear. But there’s a good reason for Takahashi to provoke a intensity Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch pretension to investors.

Animal Crossing was a vital success for a Nintendo 3DS, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf offered over 11.5 million units as of Dec. 31, 2017. That creates New Leaf a Nintendo 3DS’ seventh best-selling game, violence out both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as good as Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

As distant as investing in Nintendo goes, when there’s a new Animal Crossing recover on a horizon, high sales numbers are certain to follow. That means Animal Crossing may be an appealing code for Nintendo’s investors, not usually a consumers.

There’s some critical seductiveness in a new Animal Crossing

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Before Nintendo Labo was suggested in mid-January 2018, Animal Crossing fans speculated that Nintendo was about to exhibit a new Switch pretension for a console. This was in partial since Aya Kyogoku, a distinguished developer for a array who formerly served as Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s director, common a pre-reveal Nintendo Labo announcement on her Twitter. Her post quickly went viral, with Nintendo fans speculating that Animal Crossing for Switch was on a way.

Granted, Animal Crossing fans didn’t accept their Switch exhibit then, though it’s not usually Kyogoku that had fans meddlesome in a series. As it turns out, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was downloaded 25 million times by mid-Dec. 2017, that is shockingly high for usually a few weeks.

Granted, those download total aren’t scarcely as high as Super Mario Run’s, that touted 40 million downloads within usually 4 days. But Pocket Camp’s sheer recognition during launch demonstrates that there’s some critical seductiveness in Animal Crossing. Between Nintendo Labo’s pre-reveal viral charge and Pocket Camp’s sheer popularity, there’s clearly a demographic meddlesome a new Animal Crossing.

Perhaps Nintendo is listening in on a hype. Or alternatively, Pocket Camp might be Nintendo’s try to exam a waters and see how a authorization performs in 2017 and 2018. If that’s a case, afterwards Nintendo might be building movement right now for a Switch launch in a entrance year or two.

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