When it comes to new characters, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate register is flattering light. To be fair, Nintendo did move behind every aged fighter from each prior diversion in a Smash series, though for some fans that’s still not enough.

With that in mind, one Super Smash Bros. Ultimate carefree took to Reddit to share some speculation over that fan-favorite characters competence still make it into a game. The post, combined by Reddit user u/Space_Woofer, is damaged down into dual categorical categories: Base Game (unannounced fighters that will be in a diversion during launch) and DLC (future post-release additions that you’ll have to compensate additional for as downloadable content). Both sections underline some unequivocally engaging suggestions, along with a proof to behind them up.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters: Base Game

Right off a bat we start with an engaging addition: Simon Belmont from Castlevania. The classical impression was already a theme of new leaks from a flattering infallible source, and Nintendo also has a prolonged story with a Castlevania series. So this seems like a protected place to start.

Other pre-release additions embody Rayman (Nintendo’s already brought Rayman Legends to a Switch) and a new Pokémon to paint a latest era of creatures from Pokémon Sun and Moon. Personally, my favorite impression on a list if Funky Kong, that also creates a lot of clarity given he got a shoutout in a Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze pier for Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters: DLC

This is where things get unequivocally interesting. Right off a bat, u/Space_Woofer drops a explosve with Waluigi, arguing that Nintendo won’t be means to omit a open cheer over a Mario villain’s exclusion. Perhaps even some-more important, a association substantially won’t be means to conflict a intensity increase from releasing Waluigi as a paid extra.

The post goes on to advise that several characters from Arms, Nintendo’s Switch-exclusive fighting game, will uncover adult as DLC as well. The post argues that Nintendo purposefully hold off on including them in box a diversion was feeble received, though suggests they could still uncover adult post-release.

Finally, u/Space_Woofer caps off a list with a elementary request: “Shovel Knight: pls.”