A Smash Bros. Arcade Stick, Only Without The Stick

July 10, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Custom marginal builder Hit Box recently suggested a Smash Box, a custom-built Smash Bros. arcade controller that’s fundamentally a GameCube controller with buttons instead of sticks.

The folks during Hit Box trust that fingers on buttons extend some-more accurate control over fighting games. They’ve already expelled a Hit Box controller for a Xbox One (with preorder open for a PS4 version), with a YouTube channel full of videos demonstrating how 4 buttons take a place of a directional pad.

Note a final chronicle of a controller might demeanour different.

The Smash Box is like a Hit Box, usually with a garland some-more Sanwa Denshi arcade buttons. Four any for a analog stick, d-pad and a GameCube controller’s singular C-stick. Along with a face and shoulder buttons, that’s a whole lot of tapping.


Along with precision, Hit Box’s Shawn Huffer tells Kotaku there are health advantages to going all buttons as well.

“Turning a pad into a arrange of a keyboard/arcade hybrid is approach improved for ergonomics too. Smash Bros Melee has arrange of a carpal hovel widespread going on as eSports drives a diversion to get some-more and some-more submit complicated and hardcore, so Smash Box is designed to assistance forestall players from blazing out their wrists as well.”


Here’s how it all comes together.

Hit Box skeleton on rising a Kickstarter for a Smash Box soon, so stay incited to their website if you’re meddlesome in swapping out your knobs.

source ⦿ http://kotaku.com/a-smash-bros-arcade-stick-only-without-the-stick-1783417307

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