7 Games That Deserve a Nintendo Switch Version, From a Wii U and Beyond

March 4, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

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After a prolonged wait and an perpetual march of rumors, a Nintendo Switch is finally on store shelves today—or substantially not, given they’ve expected sole out by now (but here’s a beam to anticipating one if you’re feeling lucky). While a launch mostly hinges, as with a strange Wii, on a cross-console Zelda pier that’s already removing good reviews, we can consider of a few other Wii U games (and more) that merit their time to gleam on a Switch.

Even yet these games wouldn’t be new, with sales as low as a Wii U’s, it’s transparent that a lot of people missed out on them, that presents a large event for Nintendo.

1. Super Mario Maker


Super Mario Maker is not usually one of a Wii U’s best titles, yet it’s also one of a games that done a best box for a Wii U GamePad. Not usually that, yet Nintendo has already tacitly concurred that a diversion deserved improved than it got with a low sales of a Wii U, given they ported it to a significantly some-more renouned Nintendo 3DS usually to get a diversion in even some-more players’ hands. Despite being a watered down chronicle of a console recover in terms of a online functionality—a large offered indicate of a original—the 3DS chronicle saw stronger launch sales in Japan and continued to pierce off a shelves during a commencement of this year.

If a Switch meets any kind of success during all, it’d be a mistake for Nintendo not to recover a chronicle of Mario Maker for a new console. Would they usually pier a same aged Wii U game, though? Probably not, given a Switch doesn’t have a same dual-screen setup as a Wii U, that would need some-more extreme changes to how a game’s turn building is rubbed when compared to a relations palliate of a 3DS port. A full sequel—leveraging a best of both existent versions, like a 3DS’s pre-made levels—would be a good further to a Switch library.

2. A Pokémon Sun/Moon followup


Rumors have been present for a while that a Switch will be a initial Nintendo home console to finally get a real, main-series Pokémon game, and people opposite a Internet have been theorizing that it will be a Sun/Moon followup in a capillary of Pokémon Crystal and Pokémon Emerald, that were swap third versions combined to existent dual-game Pokémon generations. That would be good on a own, and a Switch’s really inlet as a console/handheld hybrid would make ideal clarity such a hybrid chronicle of Nintendo’s extravagantly renouned unstable franchise.

**Spoilers for Pokémon Sun and Moon follow!** But I’ve got my possess speculation on another probable option: A full Switch supplement to Sun and Moon that takes place in a sprawling, HD reimagining of a strange games’ Kanto region. At a finish of Sun/Moon, Lillie takes off for Kanto in sequence to assistance her mother’s liberation along, that would be a good setup for a story of those games to continue and also a good possibility for Lillie to take a lead. Sun/Moon were a incomparable depart from a standard Pokémon diversion story template than usual, and it’d be engaging to keep that going by following a story behind to where a authorization began, given that segment hasn’t been featured given a second generation.

The games are also dirty with references to Kanto: a protagonist has usually changed from there to Alola, strange Kanto Pokémon lapse with Alola forms, Professor Oak’s “Alola form” of Samson Oak, Red and Blue’s appearance, and Lillie’s departure. It’d make ideal sense, generally with a series’ recently-passed 20th anniversary, for things to come full-circle and uncover us what has turn of Kanto in a large-scale console recreation. It’d also make a Switch really tough not to buy for longtime Nintendo fans like myself, who might have turn disloyal over a Wii U’s lifespan.

Whatever a case, a Pokémon supplement on a Switch, due to a portability and a franchise’s sharpening recognition (X and Y outsold prior generations, and Sun and Moon did a same), should really be a priority.

3. Super Smash Bros.


Heading behind to a Wii U’s diversion library for a minute, Super Smash Bros. is positively due for a Switch version, yet a form that will take is adult in a air. The game’s eSports following is strong, yet like all other Wii U software, a console’s scarcely bad sales, clocking in during distant fewer sole than even a GameCube, harm a game’s popularity. However, a diversion was such a large undertaking, with a DLC usually finishing adult in a not-too-distant past, that a full supplement for a Switch during this indicate seems like a waste, not to discuss substantially formidable to once again secure a rights to all a outward characters in a existing, large roster, let alone expand it. Rather, a special book that includes all of a DLC characters and stages—not to discuss a 3DS’s glorious Smash Run mode—would be a good approach not to leave fans of a authorization watchful too long.

That might come as a blow to existent players who already bought a game and paid for all of those extras separately, yet a Nintendo complement yet a Smash Bros. usually isn’t going to occur right now, and this is substantially a best solution. Smash Bros. already has a 3DS chronicle that outsold a console counterpart, yet it has a combined reward of not even wanting any gameplay changes to make a burst from a Wii U to a Switch.

4. GameCube practical console


This one encompasses several games, yet I’ll keep it to one list item, given all a particular games count on it. GameCube games were playable on a Wii, yet they’ve been left out given then, and even there, they compulsory players to find out a strange discs for purchase. The GameCube, like a Wii U, had some good games notwithstanding a low sales, and it’d be a good reward to be means to revisit them, potentially rendered in aloft clarification by a some-more absolute Switch.

Among GameCube’s library, Smash Bros. would, again, be an glorious choice, with a GC’s Smash Bros. Melee still a tie of rival gaming after all these years. Bringing a diversion behind on a newer console would be a good assistance to players who are sleepy of traffic with old hardware usually to play. Other honest mentions that Nintendo could move behind this approach are the Pikmin games, Metroid Prime‘s initial dual entries, Luigi’s Mansion, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash!!, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Eternal Darkness, to name a few. Some of those have gotten remastered releases on after consoles, yet to have them all in one place, simply accessible to anyone with a few dollars would be a large win for a Switch.

5. Pokkén Tournament


The Pokémon fighting diversion of a dreams (or maybe usually mine, yet I’m cold with that), relegated to a console that roughly no one owns. As another diversion that, like Smash Bros., has a sincerely normal pattern that doesn’t need a Wii U’s dual-screen setup, porting this diversion over to a console with a potentially incomparable assembly seems like a certain bet. With a Pokémon array still enjoying a absurd turn of popularity, it would be a rubbish to let this diversion languish among a Wii U’s lost gems.

6. Xenoblade Chronicles X


Xenoblade Chronicles was a singular disdainful for a Wii—and a rather singular RPG for Nintendo—and a renouned one during that, and a supplement should really get some time in a sun. The strange already got a ported chronicle on a 3DS, and a Switch is already removing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so it’s transparent that Nintendo sees value in pulling a franchise. We can usually wish they won’t let a approaching supplement cause X to remove out on some new players.

7. Super Mario 3D World

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 during 2.21.02 PM

“But a Switch is already removing Mario Odyssey!” Yes, yet that looks like a most some-more straightforward, single-player Mario game. As someone who was furious when Peach was not playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (what is a indicate of a four-player Mario diversion yet her, honestly?), we was so happy to see her uncover adult in this one and finish my NES Mario Bros. 2 nostalgia. If 3D World doesn’t get a pier or supplement on a Switch, with four-player 3D Mario goodness, we will be impossibly disappointed.

While Mario Odyssey is feeling a vigour to innovate a Mario series, 3D World was some-more of a carefree multiplayer frisk by what already done Mario so great, and we need some-more of it in my life.

Is any of this expected to happen, though? To answer that, Mario Kart 8 would’ve been on this list, yet it’s already removing a “deluxe” chronicle on a Switch. That right there is flattering enlivening precedent, as good as Breath of a Wild going a console-jumping Twilight Princess route. Splatoon would’ve also done a list if a Switch-bound supplement hadn’t already been announced. In addition, distinct a Wii U and Wii, a Switch doesn’t have approach retrograde harmony with a prior hardware generation, while a Wii U played Wii games, and a Wii played GameCube games. There’s already reason to trust a Pokémon entrance is on a way, as good as a GameCube practical console.

With all that in mind, we’ll during slightest reason out some wish for some of these entrance true. New hardware is neat and all, yet over unchanging early adopters and hardcore fans, systems are sole by good diversion libraries, and a Wii U has some gems that could simply accelerate Switch’s program offerings to interest to players who skipped a company’s final hardware generation.

Of course, there’s still a whole other list of apparent games for a Switch. (A Metroid sequel, anyone? A Fire Emblem?) There’s also a whole library of Wii U software, over what’s in this post, that could make the switch (sorry, I’ll stop) yet that we skipped for any series of reasons. (Pikmin 3, maybe?) If there’s anything from a Wii U that we didn’t discuss here yet we consider deserves a Switch version, let me know in a comments!

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