$40000 on a line during UGC’s Super Smash Bros. contest in St. Louis, a largest prize-pool in a game’s history

December 8, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

More than two-dozen of a tip ranked players in a world
will be in assemblage during a Gateway Center this weekend, December


ST. LOUIS, Dec. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — The largest
tournament prize-pool in Super Smash Brothers story will be at
stake this weekend in St. Louis. The Ultimate Gaming
Championship, one of a fastest flourishing eSports contest brands
in a country, will be hosting a UGC Smash Open December
2-4 at a Gateway Center in Collinsville.

“This contest will be a largest eSports eventuality in St. Louis
History,” pronounced UGC’s Matt Jackson. “It will underline Super
Smash Brothers Melee for a GameCube and Super Smash
Brothers for a Wii U.” More than two-dozen of a top-ranked
Smash players in a universe will be in attendance. “With over 400
competitors and $40,000 in prizes, it will set a stage
for many some-more eSports tournaments to come in a area,” Jackson
said. “It is a second contest in a UGC eSports Open Series –
our $25,000 Halo eventuality final month was a massive

In October, a classification hosted a UGC Open Halo 5
Tournament, and skeleton to hurl out events for Gears of War 4,
Overwatch and Rocket League in 2017. “If we adore video games and
want to have a good time, this is a place for you,” pronounced Jackson.
“On tip of a tournaments we play, we are also charity dedicated
areas for accessible games. This is a good event to exam your
skills opposite a best players in a world.”

For some-more information about a UGC Smash Open, greatfully revisit the
event website at 
smash.gg/ugc or 
UGCEvents.com. Additionally, we can find the
group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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