2GGT ZeRo Saga: a plea estimable of a Smash champion

December 18, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U “player sagas” continue in Las Vegas with 2GGT: ZeRo Saga on Dec 16-18. For over a year, a 2GGaming events group have concurrent player-themed events for personalities and players. For a ZeRo Saga, featuring widespread Smash 4 champion Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios of Team SoloMid, they are going all out. There’s a inexhaustible $10,000 pot reward given by Collegiate Colosseum, an all-star contest staff with a core 2GGaming patrol of Champ Tangwongkitsiri, James “Jmex” Chacon, Las Vegas’ Bassem “Bear” Dahdouh (a core Smash Wii U staff member from tip events like Genesis and Evo) and an army of tip turn players.

Smash Melee’s HugS joins Selfless Gaming

After announcing his depart from Dream Team in early December, iconic Samus categorical Hugo “HugS” Gonzalez has assimilated multigame esports classification Selfless Gaming.

  • Wizzrobe will not re-sign with COGnitive Gaming in 2017

    The gifted Smash actor announces his giveaway group right before a new year. It stays to be seen where he skeleton to go.

  • Will Ferrell to star in film about esports

    Similar to his purpose in “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,” Ferrell skeleton to travesty veteran gaming enlightenment in his new movie.

  • For ZeRo, a star of a show, a year so distant has been full of ups and downs. He started with an implausible win during Genesis 3 in Jan and continued his contest win strain into a finish of February. He motionless to take an extended mangle shortly after. By then, he was undisputedly series one, winning 64 out of 65 tournaments in a 16-month stretch.

    Returning to a stage did not vessel out immediately for ZeRo. He reached a low indicate in his Smash WiiU career with a ninth place during CEO 2016, a third place during Evo 2016, and a thirteenth place during Super Smash Con 2016. But a finish of a summer became a branch indicate for ZeRo as he polished his game. Although it hasn’t been a ideal comeback, a vast win in Aug during Shine 2016 valid he was back.

    Since then, ZeRo’s been unstoppable, now carrying a four-tournament win streak, that also includes The Big House 6 and UGC Smash Open. With a clever second half of a year, he expected earns himself a series one container on a Panda Global Rankings chronicle 2 for a initial half of 2017. It seems like a given that he would win his possess 2GG Saga.

    However, there is a using fun that a highlighted players are “cursed” during their possess tournaments. In a series’ 9 events to date, no one has been means to win their possess Saga. About half have finished in a tip four, though even players like Luminosity’s Yuta “Abadango” Kawamura couldn’t moment their Sagas’ tip 10.

    ZeRo Saga in sold will be a critical plea for a champion. The Panda Global Rankings (PGR) system is classifying this as a final tier 1 eventuality for 2016, an surprising preference given a comparatively tiny series of competitors.

    “With a appearance of pot bonuses, Top Players have concurrent themselves to attend these events in hopes of reaping a prize. The bigger a prize, a some-more heated a competition,” explained Luis “suar” Suarez, Panda Global’s PGstats Director for Smash Wii U. “[December’s UGC Smash Open] is regarded as a tier 1 eventuality [because of a vast pot reward and a talent pool it attracted]. Due to a fact that 2GG’s ZeRo Saga boasts some-more entrants than UGC and a incomparable tip Player talent pool, it also receives a Tier 1 nomination notwithstanding not carrying during slightest 512 entrants (to date).”

    ZeRo has achieved many things in his career, though will he be a initial to win his possess Saga?

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