12 characters we wish to see in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

March 2, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

It’s implausible to consider that a Nintendo Switch is already roughly a year old. It seems like yesterday we were being bombarded with gossip after trickle after gossip about a then-fabled NX, eventually culminating in that long-awaited exhibit video. Even so, we’re scarcely a year low and a new Super Smash Bros. diversion has nonetheless to be announced — nonetheless rumors about a development are swirling. Super Smash Bros. has been a tack pretension of any Nintendo home console given a Nintendo 64, so it’s reduction of a matter of if a new installment will get announced and some-more of a matter of when.

Smash Bros. register wishlists are no new idea: Every user from GameFAQs to Reddit to NeoGAF has posted their preference of hopefuls for a subsequent Smash game. But with a fad of a Switch’s one-year anniversary on us, we figured it was a improved time than any to list a (and by “our,” we meant “my”) most-wanted for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. By a way, we unequivocally wish we don’t see nonetheless another uninspired name like we did for a Wii U and 3DS versions. I’d many cite observant “Super Smash Bros. Fray” or “Clash” or, hell, even “Slugfest” — one of a difference Google listed as a synonym for “melee.” we won’t get my hopes up, though.

1. King K. Rool

My wishlist starts and ends with this big, immature guy. Just kidding. But really, it’s been a long, long, long, long time entrance for a Kremling King. He seemed on my personal wishlist behind when Super Smash Bros. Brawl was still in growth and I’d energetically F5 a aged Smash Bros. Dojo any morning before school. King K. Rool has a prolonged and storied past with a Donkey Kong franchise, is a suggested ape’s arch nemesis, and has tons of moveset intensity (drawing from his many costumes and get-ups around a Donkey Kong Country series), creation him primary element for a subsequent Nintendo All-Star Battle Royale. Before we hear any cries of, “Irrelevant! K. Rool’s aged news!” — when has relevancy ever been a cause in a Smash Bros. roster? Sure, K. Rool hasn’t been in a Donkey Kong pretension in many, many years, yet he’s seemed as recently as in Super Mario Sluggers (albeit… 10 years ago), as good as in Smash 4 as a DLC Mii Fighter costume. A anxiety to him was even finished in Super Mario Odyssey’s New Donk City with KROOL St.

In further to being a plain partial of Nintendo history, K. Rool also adds a bit of farrago to a Smash authorization in a approach of him being both a heavyweight and a villain. Let’s be honest: Smash Bros. is a bit of a… sausage fest, but, like, a good male homogeneous of that. Too many good guys, is what I’m saying. It’s also kind of a unchanging sausage fest, too, yet fortunately, a Wii U and 3DS versions kind of remedied that. Plus, K. Rool provides a DK array another deputy — a much-deserved one given a new reconstruction and nearing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze pier for a Switch.

And no, he isn’t owned by Rare, so let’s usually diffuse that small parable right now.

2. Inkling

“Oooh, what a confidant choice, Nintendo Wire writer!” Yeah, we know, yet who doesn’t wish to see these squid kids fighting opposite Nintendo’s sweethearts? Splatoon creation an entrance in Smash for Switch is kind of a given — and a no-brainer, really. A new, successful first-party IP that’s already seen twin installments, and already saw a crossover with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? That’s usually developed for a register picking. Inkling would have both a masculine and womanlike several and costumes formed on a customization options from Splatoon and Splatoon 2 — so, opposite hairstyles, colors (corresponding to ink color), and clothes.

So what does Inkling pierce to a table? Well, a uninformed new gameplay style, for one: Spraying ink and swimming in it provides loads of new opportunities, giving it a leg adult over other characters in a aberration dialect already. Inkling’s Final Smash could engage one of a many specials from a games — a large Inkstrike immediately comes to mind. Inkling’s inclusion also adds another gunslinging warrior into a mix, right after Bayonetta (and Snake, competence he rest in peace). Additionally, Splatoon illustration means tons of kick-ass strain from a series’s kick-ass soundtrack. …We can leave out songs from a Bottom Feeders, though. Those were… kind of a skip with me.

3. Spring Man

This spry, stretchy, immature dude is loyal outta ARMS, another of Nintendo’s newest IPs. Boasting extendable limbs and a brood of cold weapons, any ARMS impression would fit right in in a cutthroat universe of Super Smash Bros. Why we chose Spring Man to be a ARMS repute over Ribbon Girl — or any other warrior from a diversion — is simply due to Spring Man being a sort-of “default” option. He’s arguably a many tangible out of a ARMS cast, after all. That isn’t to contend we wouldn’t entice any other ARMS characters into a Smash Bros. family — Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Lola Pop… they’re all acquire to come!

Spring Man’s moveset would engage customary beat-’em-up fare, nonetheless with a combined season of long-range punches and attributes like fire, ice, and poison trustworthy to his attacks. His Final Smash could engage his Rush Attack, nonetheless carrying an on-screen Rush Gauge instead that would energy him adult once filled competence make for some-more engaging gameplay. Now that we consider about it, carrying Hedlok dump down onto him and unleash a jabbing frenzy would be a many cooler Final Smash. Oh, and you know that familiar thesis strain is gonna get about 17 opposite remixes in a game. After all, it already did in ARMS.

4. Ice Climbers

The excessive children return, no longer hindered by annoying technical obstacles! we feel like a reintroduction of a Ice Climbers is arrange of a given, deliberation their deficiency in Smash Bros. 4 was due to stipulations on a 3DS — and a enterprise by diversion executive Masahiro Sakurai to keep a rosters of both a Wii U and 3DS versions of Smash a same. Many fans missed a Ice Climbers, and while we never unequivocally played as them (or utterly enjoyed personification as them), we felt they were a good further to a register — a retro deputy in a diversion overshoot by new blood. Here’s to Popo and Nana: May they find their approach onto a Switches when a newest Smash Bros. arrives.

Oh, but, okay… Can we during slightest do something about their absurd Final Smash? we dunno what to reinstate it with, yet let it be anything but a hulk glacier. Really felt like they were scraping a bottom of a tub for ideas there. I’m usually devising a Brawl diversion designers in a artistic meeting, sitting around a list for hours, drumming pens on desks and foreheads before finally seeing a time and giving up, looking during a white house with a word “ICE?” spelled out in big, black letters before shrugging in degraded agreement to any other and streamer out a door.

5. Rex and Pyra

Rex and Pyra accost from final year’s Xenoblade Chronicles 2. we design these twin operative in tandem as a twin character, many like Rosalina and Luma do in Smash 4. Rex’s anchor shot could be blending into his moveset, and a Blade/Driver energetic of a twin characters could expostulate a infancy of their play impression — Pyra would lay back, behaving as support for Rex as he does many of a pummeling, yet take her down and Rex would find himself weakened.

Does a Xenoblade authorization merit another impression on a Smash roster? The answer is yes. I’ll be honest, before Shulk’s warn entrance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, we had no suspicion what a Xenoblade was. I’d listened a name “Shulk” thrown about on several forums and Reddit, yet I’d no suspicion who it was referring to. To be ideally frank, we would suppose She-Hulk whenever we review a name and figured people clamoring for Shulk’s inclusion were simply joking. Shulk’s playable station introduced me to a illusory diversion that is a strange Xenoblade Chronicles, and we feel a further of Rex and Pyra will do a same for a whole new organisation of gamers. Since personification Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, I’ve enjoyed any following installment in a franchise, even nonetheless we found X to be usually a small intensely formidable and frustrating and overly difficult during times. I’ll never forget those 3 days we went to work and left an oscillating station fan tied to my Wii U GamePad with fibre in sequence to plantation credits to buy Skells.

6. Takamaru

Takamaru, a star of a Famicom-exclusive diversion The Mysterious Murasame Castle, is my sixth choice for playable character. Internationally, not many competence have listened of him — it’s true. After all, his 1986 diversion was usually accessible in Japan until a Nintendo 3DS eShop launch opposite all regions in 2014. The probability of Takamaru’s inclusion in Smash Bros. for Switch has a lot going for it. For one, he was already deliberate for 2001’s Super Smash Bros. Melee until diversion executive Masahiro Sakurai motionless opposite it. Secondly, as I’ve already mentioned, his diversion had a rather new reconstruction on a 3DS eShop. Thirdmost, he had a starring purpose in a mini-game in a Wii U launch pretension Nintendo Land. Fourth… ly, he finished an entrance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a plaque and in both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 as a trophy. Lastly, he exists as an Assist Trophy in a latter game, as well, where he jumps around and tosses blades. Plus, a Mii Fighter dress of him was expelled as paid DLC. If all that doesn’t vigilance his flourishing recognition and/or participation in a mind of Sakurai, we dunno what does.

His moves would engage his katana, throwing knives, and a several power-ups he receives in his diversion — fireballs, for instance. Following in a footsteps of characters like Ice Climbers, Duck Hunt, and Mr. Game Watch, Takamaru is my collect to fill a purpose of retro deputy for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. we debated between him and Balloon Fighter to fill this spot, yet ultimately, we motionless Takamaru would make for a some-more engaging impression — and given Balloon Fighter’s purpose as a unfortunate wing-flapper is already rather taken by Villager. I’d be some-more than happy to acquire both to a game, however.

7. Shovel Knight

Everyone’s favorite collect for a third-party impression is also one of my tip picks for a third-party impression — surprise, surprise. Shovel Knight has turn a bit of a break-out star in a past few years, with his diversion receiving 3 additional full-length campaigns, and himself winning playable appearances and cameos in a accumulation of opposite games. Did we discuss he even got his possess amiibo? Oh, and 3 others formed on antagonists Plague Knight, Specter Knight, and King Knight are dropping this year. The Nintendo console versions of Shovel Knight also perceived some additional facilities not seen in other versions, interjection to amiibo support. So, not usually has Shovel Knight arguably turn a face (I won’t go so distant as to contend the face) of indie gaming, yet he’s also shown he has some volume of significance to Nintendo. He’s a ideal collect for a third-party rep.

Like Inkling, Shovel Knight would also use ink shooters to conflict opponents, diving in and out of ink to shun enemies’ attacks. No, usually teasing — of march he’d use a many apparent apparatus during his disposal: his helmet.

Anyway, after steeling his shovel, a horseman in blue would conflict regulating all sorts of combinations of moves from his possess diversion — a Neutral + Down pierce not distinct Link’s, a Down + B that buries opponents, and several specials that take impulse from a corpse (sub-weapons) he finds over a march of his eminent journey. The Chaos Sphere, Flare Wand, Dust Knuckles, and some-more would all find a ideal home in a universe of Smash. His inclusion also means we’d be removing some of a torpedo strain from his games, nonetheless I’m on a blockade about either I’d cite true chiptune versions of a marks or arrangements with genuine instruments. Hm… given not both?

8. Shantae

Yep, a purple-haired half-genie favourite is my second choice for a third-party rep. Shantae got her start on a Game Boy Color behind in 2002 with her self-titled diversion Shantae. After a Game Boy Advance sequel, Shantae 2: Risky Revolution, never saw a light of day, Shantae returned to handheld screens in 2010 with a DSiWare-only diversion Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (although it after finished a approach to other consoles). Later, Shantae saw twin sequels: Shantae and a Pirate’s Curse and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, both cross-platform releases. Clearly, Shantae’s story is flattering deeply tied to Nintendo, creation her an suitable further to a Smash series.

Like Xenoblade, I’d never listened of a Shantae array until we ran into Smash Bros. fans online who were lobbying for her playable appearance. At first, we was opposite a idea, meditative her authorization too obscure. After we downloaded Shantae and a Pirate’s Curse for 3DS, we immediately took a fondness to a game, as good as her, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, and a whole Sequin Land gang. we replayed it endlessly, adoring a fun gameplay and waggish (and ludicrous) dialogue. Having played all a games in a array now — save for a strange — we am solidly in a “Shantae for Smash Bros.!” camp.

Shantae’s whole understanding (except in Pirate’s Curse) is her ability to renovate into opposite creatures to scale certain obstacles interjection to her half-genie blood. We’re articulate spiders, mermaids, bats, elephants, mice… we name it, she can substantially renovate into it. I’d suppose her moveset would lift heavily from her transformations (with her customary attacks involving her hair — her signature weapon), nonetheless she uses pirate-themed collection in Pirate’s Curse after losing her sorcery in Risky’s Revenge, needing her to also presumably implement a cutlass and cannon as a liberation pierce in Smash. Her Final Smash could even engage Risky Boots and her Tinkerbats nearing around boat and usually blustering everybody with cannonballs.

Also, we keep going on about music, yet a Shantae array (particularly Pirate’s Curse) has some flattering overwhelming marks interjection to composer Jeff Kaufman. I’d kill (yes, literally kill) to see some of those songs make it into Super Smash Bros.

9. Chorus Kids

We all remember a supposed “Gematsu leaks” from a pre-Super Smash Bros. 4 era, and if we don’t, well, then, go educate yourself! The Chorus Kids are from a diversion on a Nintendo DS called Rhythm Heaven. More precisely, they’re a stars of a mini-game called “Glee Club.” As Rhythm Heaven’s name would imply, it’s a rhythm-based pretension wherein players hold, tap, and crack their stylus opposite their DS shade to a kick of strain as they attend in a accumulation of opposite mini-games. The Chorus Kids are usually some of a many noted characters from a Rhythm Heaven authorization (now adult to 4 games), yet they’re evidently a many renouned deputy collect given of their inclusion in a unequivocally convincing Smash Bros. 4 register leak. The “Gematsu leaks” (named after a site that reported them — Gematsu) reported, before to release, a array of opposite characters that would be in a game. Most were right. Some were wrong, including a Chorus Kids.

I consider it’s high time Rhythm Heaven receives some arrange of impression illustration in Smash, and a Chorus Kids fit a check usually excellent — they’re tangible and singular in a approach that a three-person impression hasn’t been finished before. Their attacks would lift from mini-games from opposite a Rhythm Heaven array — aggressive with a flare or a tambourine, for instance. Additionally, some arrange of rhythm-keeping automechanic could be used for their B moves, requiring a actor to keep a solid kick in sequence to lift them off.

Having a Rhythm Heaven impression would also entice a Rhythm Heaven stage, that we suppose could be unequivocally identical to a WarioWare, Inc. theatre from Brawl and Smash for 3DS. All players would spasmodic have to attend in stroke mini-games lest they humour a predestine worse than death: being launched off a screen.

10. Wolf

I was a small confused when Wolf didn’t lapse for Super Smash Bros. 4 after his entrance in Brawl. He was mostly a Fox clone, yes, yet he was opposite adequate to set him detached from both Fox and Falco (who was some-more of a counterpart than Wolf was). He also combined to a array of playable villains in a game, that I’ve always suspicion Smash needs some-more of. Plus, he usually felt good to play as and was a lot of fun. All that being said, I’d be gay to acquire Wolf behind into a fold, postulated he has a changed-up moveset. I’m unequivocally channel my fingers for a no-clone process in Smash for Switch. I’m lookin’ during you, Ganondorf, with your race-car motorist moves and that sword we so evilly taunt us with.

Wolf’s Final Smash, for example, could easily be altered adult so it isn’t a near-replica of Fox’s and Falco’s. Save a Landmaster for just Fox (yes, Falco “Personally, we Prefer a Air!” Lombardi should also have a new one, preferably involving an Arwing given he loves drifting so much) and have Wolf call in Star Wolf to conflict opponents instead. Hell, even use one of a many new vehicles introduced in that one Wii U Star Fox diversion with a terrible controls. What was it called, again? “Star Fox”? Oh, that’s right.

11. Waluigi

Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi… Man, what isn’t there to contend about this pretentious specimen? That gorgeous, slim mustache… that long, trade cone-like chin… those beady, dead, small eyes… It’s like Nintendo influenced any one of a many fascinating masculine characteristics into a pot to emanate this ideal of a man. I’m also usually now seeing those captivating, sky-blue circles underneath his peepers, sitting cosy above that pork-colored bill of his. Perfection.

You can’t contend we don’t like Waluigi. He’s so impossibly over-the-top and absurd, we can’t assistance yet adore him for what he is. I’ve been a fan of his for utterly a while now — something some of my Nintendo Wire teammates even noticed, causing them to pleasantly present me a Waluigi plush during E3 final year. He now sits proudly in my room, carrying solemnly claimed autarchic control over my apartment. He competence not have been a tip collect for a playable character, say, when Brawl was entrance out, yet now that Sakurai’s flattering many lonesome everybody who positively deserves to be in a diversion and was kind of removing unfortunate in Smash 4 (Palutena? Really?), Waluigi’s subsequent adult to bat.

Speaking of bats, Waluigi’s moveset would lift from a many, many, many Mario spin-offs he’s been in over a years. He can keep his tennis pole from his Assist Trophy days (after all, he did issue in Mario Tennis for a N64) while adding several equipment from Mario Party, Mario Golf, Mario Strikers, and Mario Baseball to his arsenal. I’m still holding onto wish for an E3 proclamation of a Wario + Waluigi diversion for a Switch, yet we fear a opinion isn’t unequivocally pretty. I’ll have to urge to my Waluigi plush again tonight.

12. Tingle



The Legend of Zelda hasn’t had a new playable impression given Brawl (and I’m not certain if Toon Link unequivocally even depends when deliberation his predecessor, Young Link), and we consider we’re due for one. After flipping by pages and pages of Zelda’s collection of characters, we satisfied that, detached from Impa, Tingle was a many tangible and repeated one. For a prolonged time we was a Vaati hopeful, and Impa would really be a cold further (given a fleshing-out Hyrule Warriors gave her), yet Tingle would offer to fill twin roles: a Zelda rep and Smash for Switch’s suspicion of a fun fighter. Y’know, like Wii Fit Trainer in Smash 4.

Tingle’s moves could lift from his attacks in Hyrule Warriors (meaning they’d be heavily balloon-based), as good as implement bombs as he does in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker when called with a Tingle Tuner. He could also presumably use a complement like a suppositious Balloon Fighter impression would, where he could boyant around with mixed balloons while other players aim to cocktail them to pierce him down. Ultimately, we consider Tingle would make for an intriguing and astonishing impression that even his harshest detractors would learn to enjoy.

That’s it for my tip picks! What are yours, and what’d we consider of mine? Loved them? Hated them with any fiber of your being? Let us know in a comments!

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