10 Characters We’re Voting For As Super Smash Bros. DLC

April 4, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

With a latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo boss and CEO Satoru Iwata suggested a recover date for a formerly announced Mewtwo DLC for Super Smash Bros., as good as a warn proclamation that Earthbound’s Lucas is returning to a series. Perhaps even some-more surprising, Iwata also suggested that a Super Smash Bros. group is now taking requests for destiny downloadable characters by a new list on a Super Smash Bros. website.

While we’ve given we some Super Smash Bros. register wishlists in a past, they’ve always been filled with some-more outlandish picks or focused on crossover characters. This time, we wish to take a demeanour during some of a characters that would have a some-more picturesque shot of appearing in Super Smash Bros. if they perceived clever adequate support in a new Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Check out a picks and let us know a characters you’d like to see yourself.


The Wii U-exclusive Bayonetta 2 finished adult being one of a best games in Nintendo’s 2014 lineup, and now it’s time for a shapeshifting magician to face her subsequent challenge. Bayonetta is not usually battle-hardened, yet she’s armed to a teeth and would act as a challenging challenger for any opponent. With her flexibility in combat, she could be one of a many beguiling characters to control, as well. Some of her moves would have to be toned down, given several of her abilities could be too risqué for a lighthearted, family-friendly Smash Bros. tone. If Nintendo could figure that out, however, she would be a good further to a roster. Also, her Final Smash would be positively crazy.


It’s been a prolonged time coming, yet we can finally contend that it’s Waluigi time. Wario’s purple partner has seemed in several of Mario’s side games, yet has never stepped adult to a large leagues. If he done a transition from being an Assist Trophy to being a full-on warrior on a Smash roster, it would be his many jubilant coming nonetheless – even if he’s usually a DLC character. The biggest problem is that Waluigi has never done an coming in his possess game, definition his moveset would have to be built from a belligerent up. I’d suppose Waluigi would have an arsenal of tricks adult his sleeve, like The Joker in each fighting diversion he’s ever seemed in. It might be tough, yet a time feels right for Walugi’s large break.


Even yet he doesn’t demeanour like he’d be a many challenging competition in a fighting game, Toad has been a buttress in a Super Mario Bros. authorization from a really start. Sure, he was usually a satisfaction esteem for clearing a wrong palace in your hunt for a princess, and Peach even uses him as a invulnerability as one of her moves in Super Smash Bros., yet Toad is unfailing for something more. While unchanging Toad could be a quick impression able of fast glow attacks, his Final Smash could see him transforming into Captain Toad, giving him a whole new arsenal of attacks for a set duration of time.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight was a indie heavenly of Nintendo’s 2014 lineup, and it’s time a Knight done his coming in a Smash Bros. roster. With pixelated graphics and familiar chiptune music, a critically acclaimed 2D platformer brought players behind to a easier time in a genre. The suggested impression in Shovel Knight has a good preference of attacks he could use, and his Scrooge McDuck-esque pogo burst would offer as a good double jump. In addition, his Final Smash could serve Shield Knight to jointly conflict their on-screen adversaries.


While a Pokémon Trainer has been taken divided in preference of creation Charizard a standalone character, a same transmutable summoning judgment could be practical to Bowser’s devoted advisor, Kamek. The absolute Magikoopa could mount in a credentials (as he typically does in Mario games) and serve iconic Mario enemies to do his unwashed work. From Goombas to Chargin’ Chucks, a summoned Mario enemies would make personification as Kamek a opposite experience, and would keep hostile fighters on their toes. Not usually would Kamek’s summoning of Mario’s enemies concede a Smash Bros. register to paint a iconic characters that a plumber faces off opposite in each entry, yet it would pierce another vastly singular impression to a roster.

Young Link

Young Link formerly seemed in Super Smash Bros. Melee before disintegrating in preference of Toon Link. Though that done sense, Young Link would be a good impression to redo and inject behind into a register regulating abilities from Majora’s Mask. By giving Link a good preference of masks from a classical that was recently re-released on 3DS, Young Link could possess a opposite set of moves that would make him play really differently from Link and Toon Link. Of course, Young Link’s Final Smash would have to be branch into a magnificently absolute Fierce Deity Link.


Sonic has proven himself a estimable further to a Super Smash Bros. lineup, and he seems here to stay (unlike Snake). Why not enhance a register to embody a Sonic a Hedgehog impression that is substantially a many honourable of a mark in a fighting game? Knuckles is one of a few marginal characters that fans of a array aren’t separate on, and with his versatile moveset that includes gliding, climbing, and delivering absolute attacks, he would be a good Smash Bros. addition. Knuckles is no slump in a speed dialect – in a comparison games, during slightest – and can spin into Super Knuckles regulating a Chaos Emeralds for his Final Smash.


The Fire Emblem array is full of characters developed for a Super Smash Bros. roster, and while a lapse of Roy would substantially be a many apparent pick, Elincia would substantially be a some-more engaging one. She would be good during tighten operation with her good speed and conflict (even if her invulnerability and health are a small low), yet her Final Smash of summoning her Pegasus would concede her to broach harmful attacks to her adversaries from adult above. With Marth already in a game, Elincia would pierce something opposite to a table. 


Wolf done his solitary Smash Bros. coming in Brawl on a Wii before declining from a register for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. Even yet he wasn’t a full-on clone, Wolf was loosely formed on Fox and Falco, so it’s easy to see because he was removed, yet with Star Fox for Wii U on a horizon, Wolf being expelled as a DLC impression would be flattering good promotion. If Wolf does return, we wish him to be even some-more sundry in his attacks. Even yet his boat is flattering identical to Fox’s in a games, a Smash Bros. group should give Fox’s archrival singular moves, including a Final Smash that isn’t usually his possess chronicle of a Landmaster.

Simon Belmont

Though a Castlevania array has left Nintendo’s consoles behind in preference of PlayStation and Xbox, who could ever forget personification a initial Castlevania on NES? From a extraordinary turn pattern to a remarkably orchestrated music, a strange Castlevania is one of a many iconic games in a NES library. Because of this, Simon Belmont would be a stellar further to a Smash Bros. lineup.  Between his whip, throwing knives, holy water, axe, and crosses, he already has an determined moveset that would interpret well. His Final Smash would many expected implement his Stop Watch pierce (which freezes all enemies on screen) in and with a super-powered chronicle of his fire pierce from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest.

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