10 Characters We Want in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

March 13, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

There’s small denying a tender interest of observant mascots from opposite franchises going toe-to-toe with one another, and it’s that unequivocally grounds that is partially obliged for the Super Smash Bros. series’ impossibly success. The crossover-fuelled fighting diversion takes a array of all-star gaming icons from via Nintendo’s longstanding story (as good as a handful of dear third-party guests) and creates them duke it out with one another, while the execution of a diversion from a developmental standpoint has authorised it to freshness into a go-to array for veteran fighting diversion tournaments like EVO.

As a outcome of a popularity, it was always unavoidable that Super Smash Bros. would make a approach to a Nintendo Switch. Despite not being strictly announced yet, that hasn’t stopped Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime from teasing a franchise’s approaching entrance on a new hardware. It’s given of this that we here during Game Rant have opted to tackle a list of potential fighters that we’d like to see make an coming in a Switch version of Smash.

Some of these characters have prolonged been desired, a couple have been partial of a ravel in a past though didn’t seem in a latest games, while others still might be deliberate third-party siren dreams. Regardless, a list of 10 characters we wish in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch can be found in a entirety below.


super pound bros nintendo switch inkling

The stars of a smash-hit Splatoon are a many notable absences from a Super Smash Bros. roster, and there’s small doubt that a squid kids are certain to make a playable coming in a fighting franchise sooner rather than later. In fact, a child and lady Inklings are even controllable drivers in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for a Nintendo Switch forward of Splatoon 2‘s release this summer, which is certain to customarily boost their contingency of appearing in Smash even more.

It also doesn’t harm that they have a far-reaching array of ink-spraying weapons to name from, creation them ideal mid-to-short ranged characters. Combine their ability to renovate into squids with their wide range of gadgets, and it’s easy to see how a characters would tumble into place. Plus, with a ability to change appearances, there’s copiousness of room for both a masculine and womanlike Inkling to join a movement in a identical conform to other fighters like Wii Fit Trainer, Robin, and a downloadable Corrin.


super pound bros nintendo switch decidueye

With each new entrance in a Super Smash Bros. array comes a new playable conflicting imagining from Pokemon. The Pocket Monster that’s selected for inclusion customarily represents a stream era that a array finds itself on during a time of a fighting game’s release, with a clear-cut example of this being the serve of a ever-popular Greninja from Pokemon X and Y – a newest span of array installments back when Smash 3DS expelled in 2014. With a code new line of creatures being introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, however, Decidueye would make ideal clarity as a new challenger.

This Ghost/Grass-type presents a unequivocally singular moveset that could play out in several opposite ways, though a core concentration of this archer would roughly positively be progressing stretch between itself and a foe. Since a register is sorely lacking long-ranged combatants, Decidueye could make things a lot some-more engaging with a handful of Ghost attacks on standby usually in box a enemy gets a small too close for comfort.

Since several reports state that an extended pier of Sun and Moon is now en track to a Nintendo Switch underneath a codename of Pokemon Stars, a planets seem to be aligning for Rowlet’s final form to take moody in Smash.

King K. Rool

super pound bros nintendo switch aristocrat k rool

It’s no tip that there’s a serious miss of playable villains enclosed within Super Smash Bros., and it’s been that approach given a array debuted on a Nintendo 64 in 1999 sans baddies. In a years since, players have seen characters like Ganondorf and Bowser turn mainstays of a roster, while Kirby frenemies King Dedede and Meta Knight have finished for good additions. Still, a evil-doers are significantly outnumbered, but Donkey Kong’s longstanding criminal King K. Rool could assistance change a scales.

It should go though saying, though what unequivocally helps a aristocrat of a Kremlins standout from other possibilities is his perfect girth. As many players can attest, complicated characters are few and distant between in this IP, and a King can assistance lower a accumulation found in a final roster. As one of a many preferred newcomers, K. Rool’s recognition lead to a Mii costume to damp fans, though it’s time that a cannon-wielding, crown-throwing, royal invertebrate laid explain to his possess mark on a impression name screen.

Ice Climbers

super pound bros nintendo switch ice climbers

As one of a few characters that didn’t make a lapse in a Wii U or 3DS installments, a twin of Popo and Nana are simply a many missed section from a franchise. What creates their dismissal all a some-more distressing is a fact that a Ice Climbers were creatively set to be playable in a latest iterations – and were even good into growth on Wii U – though had to be cut due to a technical stipulations of a Nintendo 3DS. As a outcome of a enterprise to keep a versions uniform, this meant that a combo’d conflicting was a no-show.

Fortunately, a Nintendo Switch has no such concerns in regards to power, and a studio operative on Smash Switch should have no issues bringing a hooded heroes behind into a limelight. Since a Ice Climbers are already a good determined fighting unit, appearing in both Melee and Brawl, their moveset doesn’t need all that most tweaking. This is a elementary request, and one that should make any longtime fan of a array some-more than happy with a chronicle nearing on a new hardware.

Make it happen, Nintendo.

Shovel Knight

super pound bros nintendo switch trowel knight

Alright, sword-wielding characters have been finished to genocide in Smash Bros., though a shovel-wielding one should poise adequate of a changeup to equivocate that particular sore indicate for fans. The indie heavenly Shovel Knight has risen to recognition by a continued support of a skill by developer Yacht Club Games, with Nintendo being a major supporter of a studio and a authorization as a whole so far. In fact, a array debuted as a timed console disdainful on a Nintendo Wii U and 3DS in 2014, and even managed to arrive on Day One of a Nintendo Switch’s launch with Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, respectively.

It’s clear that Nintendo and Yacht Club have a good operative attribute given a timed-exclusivity of a Shovel Knight games so far, while the Shovel Knight amiibo customarily cements a attribute further. As a result, and notwithstanding claims that a impression isn’t iconic enough, it’s unequivocally probable that Nintendo might see it fit to embody Shovel Knight as a playable guest character. Hopefully Nintendo can come to a understanding to embody a impression in Smash, as he would fit ideally into a fast-paced and cartoony movement of Nintendo’s blockbuster kick ’em up.

Also, interjection to a Body Swap update, players could potentially have a choice of suiting adult as a masculine or womanlike chronicle of Shovel Knight.

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