​Who’s Your Main Character In Super Smash Bros. 3DS?

October 9, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Who's Your Main Character In Super Smash Bros. 3DS?

Sure, Smash Bros. is a diversion about examination a garland of colorful characters duke it out. But it’s also about arguing over that impression is best.

I’m not a Smash revolutionary like some of a staff members, though I’ve been carrying a ruin of a good time with a new 3DS chronicle of Super Smash Bros. we haven’t unbarred most yet, though we already feel a bit marred for choice when it comes to that impression I’ll play.

Of course, a initial thing we started wondering after we began personification was: Which impression does everybody select as their main?

I done a poll:

This should be interesting.

source ⦿ http://kotaku.com/whos-your-main-character-in-super-smash-bros-3ds-1644066520

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